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Campaigns are dedicated to a specialized segment of customers or prospects. The specific interactions, offers and activities for this group are called campaigns. They are communicated via email, phone or post.  Goal of a campaign can be to generate, qualify or nurture leads. A Campaign can also be created for cross selling

The campaign design process goes through different steps. Ample preparation goes into the product, strategy and the sales processes.  Some of the most commonly asked questions would be; What is the target market? A Target group research goes into finding the set of features that appeal to related market segments. How does the product benefit customers? What is the pricing strategy? What are the discounts offered and for which customers? Is the packaging correct for the target market? Details on the brand strategy and sales forecast are considered to build a suitable campaign. Plans for sales promotions and publicity campaigns are taken into account to finalize the media for the campaign.

Once the first level of preparation is in place the actual content for the campaign is worked upon based on the media being used. Basic rule of the campaign says it should be clear, attractive and memorable. The material goes through levels of refinement to ensure the quality and cultural appropriateness of the target market. The campaign is ready to be launched now.

Campaigns can be restricted to a single media like any of television, print, social media amongst others.  The chances of interest generation in this case are narrowed. Not many campaigns tend to work right at the first go. The target group may not take action or file for later review. On the contrary in case of multiple media and repetition there is a stronger chance of creating awareness and conversion to prospects.

Different Medias used for campaigns are as follows:

Cold Calling: This is time consuming as the calls are made with reference to a database only giving the contact details, and not much information about the target group to which they belong. This requires engaging the prospect on phone.

Outbound Calling: This is more cost effective. Outbound calling is used mainly for cross selling and up selling to existing customers. The space and equipment required for the set-up are expensive and requires a higher level of management.

Trade shows/events: This could be expensive considering the logistics. All of them buyers, prospects, customers and competitors would be present in a trade show or event, and thus it is important that the differentiation from competitor be worked upon.

Direct mails: Post cards, sales pamphlets are sent across. This may not be acted upon in the first attempt and thus might require additional reminders and follow ups. The process as such is less expensive and easy to execute.

Traditional Media: Print media, this is for a targeted audience and has its presence for a longer duration as its run regularly. The impact is difficult to measure though. Yellow pages, this is looked into by those who have an exact requirement and hence has a limited scope. Radio/TV is used to regularly create awareness and not necessarily for a specialized target group. Outdoor media like billboards, are effective at that location, and create a huge impact if used at the right place.

Publicity events: This includes press coverage to generate interest, and use it as a sales event. Speaking engagements and blogs also help in reaching out to the target audience and to gain credibility.

Internet: This is increasing being used for campaigns now. Online advertising and emails are targeted, measurable and easier to create and execute. Making websites more attractive also helps attract prospects. Optimized and paid search makes sure that the required traffic is generated to your website. Site design has to be efficient with custom landing pages, making it easy for the lead.  Webinars help to reach out to a wider audience than a live event. The cost of event management is removed, but at the cost of an efficient webinar technology. This is cost effective considering the volume of the target audience.

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