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Breaking News: SAP Workflow isn’t dead, it’s SEXY!

OK, I admit it, many people (besides myself and a few others) would not consider SAP Workflow ‘sexy’.

In this excellent podcast, featuring Jon Reed and Thorsten Franz, they discuss the many benefits of using SAP Workflow.

But really, sexy?!?

Of course, most of the time, sexiness is fleeting.

If you think that processes that languish without any attention is sexy, then you may move along now.  If you think that the obtuseness of those processes is also sexy, again, move along, nothing for you here.

If you think that a robust, mature, mission-critical technology – that can handle 2 million instances kicked off at one fell swoop – and handle that without a hiccup! – if you think that’s sexy, then SAP Workflow should certainly appeal.   And if you think that something so sexy should be very expensive, you are wrong.  SAP realized the power of this tool long ago, so it’s if you’re running SAP, you already have SAP Workflow, so the power of workflow is available to you ‘free’ – that’s pretty hot too!

If you are in a time-crunch, visit Jon Reed’s page for a rough transcription of some key statements. But save the podcast anyway, because Thorsten is not only hilarious – in the first 11 minutes – but also offers some thought-provoking messages.  And Jon Reed, as always, has the deft touch for getting to the issues that impact all SAP customers.

When the newest phone can’t get reception unless you hold it carefully (yet millions swarmed to buy it), and automobiles may refuse to brake, or even accelerate instead of stopping, I find that ‘sexy’ is something that works the way it is supposed to.

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  • Love the approach! Just the other day me and a co-worker were talking about suggested words that peak interest and we agreed that there was one on this specific list that we would not be able to associate with SAP, however we were proved wrong!
    Downloading now..=)
    • Interesting, Sylvia - people often discuss their favourite SAP-related buzzwords, but rarely do they discuss the anti-buzzwords, the words least plausibly associated with SAP. Would you like to share a few more with us? 🙂
  • wherever there are two SAP users then there's a workflow, they may just not know about it...i'm having a lot of fun delayering flows in the financial close.


    • Sounds like something from the old Peter,Paul, and Mary song:

      Whenever two or more of you are gathered in SAP,
      there is WF,
      there is WF.

      Thanks Greg, keep having fun!

  • I really enjoyed it - Thorsten was very articulate in saying the BOR editor is 2 generations behind...he did a great job.

    Jon's great too with the "one and only Thorsten Franz"..

  • Around 25 minutes in, John and Thorsten are discussing the difference between the SAP (the company) treatment of 'core' and 'fringe enhancements'.  The short and dirty story is that all the sexy BPM and BObj stuff relies on the Business Automation and large volumes of data made possible by (amongst other things) SAP Workflow.

    The even shorter story is that Workflow IS dead....

  • Ah, well there's the rub. However, I don't think there is ever any way to get past the 'subjective configuration' - no matter what the tool is.