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SCN Blogs Go Mobile

I am happy to share SCN Blogs mobile version!


Check it out at


Thanks to a new interface from our current weblog technology provider, our blogs can now also be read via mobile devices.  The mobile interface was developed using the iphone-universal framework (


You can browse weblogs by category, list the 50 most recent blogs or view the top 25 most popular posts for the last month.


Menus, lists and individual blogs are all displayed using the framework, however some blogs with large images or code listings may not display correctly within the mobile browser using the framework, so we’ve included a [view detail] link on each blog that will display the blog page using the regular SCN layout (minus most SCN navigation).




Special thanks to Matthias Steiner for entering the request in Idea Place and Martin Lang for championing this improvement.


We hope you’ll find the new interface useful.

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  • Hi Gali,

    Thanks for delivering this. I have never been happy with my iPhone needing to download the entire SDN framework when viewing blogs. This should speed it up nicely.

    One thing however, I noticed when saving it to my home screen there was no icon. However when looking at your source code, you include the appropriate declaration ...

    However, there is no such image file at the URL location ...

    But there IS an image file (an unusual one) at the location ...

    .. although this image does not conform to the standard dimensions of 57x57.

    Basically I think the URL reference you have in the code needs to be fixed, or an image file placed in the location it is currently pointing to.

    Also, I understand (although I have not tested this myself) that Android devices don't recognise 'apple-touch-icon' but they DO recognise 'apple-touch-icon-precomposed'.

    So the declaration might need to be (if you wish to support Android) ...

    Sorry, just thought you should know 🙂



  • Hi,
    I am happy to see the mobile version of SCN! I especially read the blogs via an RSS reader, namely Google Reader (which is in fact a mobile web application). When I click on an SCN blog post in G Reader, now it opens the standard SCN site.
    Are the requests redirected to the mobile version, if the server detects the client is a mobile browser?


  • Thanks for reaching out to all mobile SDN users!

    Is it still possible to ask for additional functionality? I would like to enter the blog number directly from the home screen. By this you can enter the number provided in an email directly in stead following the link and still landing on the regular SDN page.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Gali,

    that's great news. I've been using the mobile browsing fature for a while now and I'm happy to see it being announced officially now.

    With the announced changes to SCN in 2011 I'm looking forward to what the SCN team got in store for us 🙂

    The ultimate solution would probably be a browser fork that does not require separate URLs or navigation means, but simply provides a mobile friendly stylesheet (with readability option = only text) based on the user-agent information of the browser.

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers, Matthias

  • Glad to see it's official now. The only inconvenience is cutting texts with links - not sure if it is only on my phone or if it is general feature of the used framework.
    Thanks for enabling this!
  • Hi Gali,

    Works on Blackberry too like a charm. Any plans for the comments to be there too? Or the heaven would be ability to comment from your phone?

    Let me know, Mark.

    • Hi Mark,

      Replies work, I'm typing this on my HTC (windows mobile). You need to click on the "View details" link ay the top of the blog.

      This also gives a much better mobile view in my opinion. I find the fat font annoyingly large and difficult to read at 5 words per line, obviously optimized for an iphone. But this view is great, so well done SCN. My only request is to be able to set it as default.

      • Hmm, I just discovered one small issue: If I submit a reply to a blog on my mobile it switches to the full-fat SCN page when it returns to the blog view.

        It would be nice to have the non-iPhone styled mobile view as default.

  • Hi Gali,

    Just wanted to say I have been really impressed with the responsiveness of your team in making the quick enhancements suggested in the comments to your blog.

    After using it since you published it, this is one web app that I ACTUALLY use.  It is fast and responsive (when compared with the heavy full screen SCN framework) on my iPhone.  Perfect for reviewing the latest blogs on my train trip to work.

    Thanks again!



  • This is MUCH better than using the traditional website via a mobile device.  It's great to see the community provide suggestions/feedback and then see the changes implemented by your team!

    Please continue the great work!



  • This was exactly what i was looking for, to avoid un-necessary scrolling on mobile browsers.

    Now more ppl can read SCN blogs more easily from mobile devices. I will.

    Good Future-proofing!

  • Hi,

    I am happily surprised to see this Mobile versions working great with my basic SE T700 cellphone as well!!
    Thanks a lot for this mobile interface, now long journeys back home would become more bearable 🙂

    Best Regards, Krish