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Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort

SAP and SAP BusinessObjects – an Integration Update

You might already have seen some blog postings here about the currently running ASUG webinar series about the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 release. If not – here is a link showing you the complete list of topics and dates.

I would like to highlight the upcoming webinar on January 27, 2011 where I will provide an update on several crucial integration topics and explain how we have enhanced the integration between the SAP BusinessObjects BI toolset and your existing SAP landscape.


I will talk about the:


  • Integration of SAP BusinessObjects BI lifecycle management with SAP’s CTS+
  • Improvdements in data connectivity towards SAP systems
  • Integration of SAP BusinessObjects BI with SAP Solution Manager
  • Impact of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 on your SAP landscape


Here the webinar details:


Topic:SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 – Integration with SAP


Date: January 27, 2011


Start Time:                                         11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM MT


Link for Registration


In case you are interested to learn more about the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 release – take a look at the 11 Ways to Catch Up on BI4

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Lots of questions around SAP Integration with BI 4.0.

      Thanks Ingo!

      Author's profile photo Éric Ledu
      Éric Ledu
      I followed the link for the registration, and the ASUG website mentionned that I was not allowed to register.
      I am not a member, it's true, but is it possible to follow the webinar anyway ?
      Best regards
      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Eric,
      you have to be a member of ASUG to be able to register for the webinar.


      Author's profile photo Éric Ledu
      Éric Ledu
      OK thanks !
      I'll just cross my fingers and wait for a possible 'recorded session' upload ?!
      Best regards
      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmueller
      Christian Braukmueller
      Hello Tammy, hello Ingo,

      i was lucky to participate after asking ASUG for access, but this turns out to be more an mistake i guess.
      (It was a very, very, very, very good webinar and i'm pleased that i was able to hear it)

      There is absolutely no complain about the content, but:

      Like you already told Eric in the comments, these webinar (and the upcoming others) are for ASUG members only!

      I don't think that it is a good idea to announce a webinar in an SCN-blog (readable by all SCN-members around the world), while it is only accessible by a small number of ASUG-members.
      Shouldn't these user-group internal invitations be published in the user-group internal webspace only?
      I never saw an blog about a user-group-internal event from any other user-group.

      If you're planning to make the recording available for all of us, the blog would be fine when some information about the availabilty(online <> offline) is given.
      We all would be happy about it.

      If not, it's a loss for the community & i would see the blog more like an advertisement or commercial for a closed user-group inside an open user-community.

      Hoping the recorded webinars will be accessible in SCN soon
      Christian (@CBasis)

      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author
      HI Christian,

      ASUG is not a "small" number of customers and ASUG and SDN are communtity websites and I disagree with the comment not to post anything like a ASUG webinar here on SDN.

      SDN is a community of several different kind of cusotmers with lots of different interests and ASUG in North America and DSAG in Germany and SAUG in Australia are user groups which all of them do use SDN as a community - and why shouldn't they ?

      Ingo Hilgefort

      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmueller
      Christian Braukmueller
      Hi Ingo,

      ASUG is(!) a large user-group, but i guess only a minority in relation to all SCN-members.
      (It's "regional vs. global" and therefore DSAG and SAUG are a minority in SCN as well. I do not disrespect the weight ASUG and all the user-groups have, but SCN is covering much more people.)

      ...and SCN-blogs are addressed to all SCN-members.

      I do not see that other user groups annouce their events in SCN/SDN.
      E.g. DSAG in Germany publishes all the dates/invitations on their website/newsletters where all the DSAG-members are able to see it.  (For all others it's not very interesting to be informed about webinars that are not accessible )

      If the recorded webinars are published in SCN the ASUG-announcements are very welcome - otherwise i
      dare to doubt they are.

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Christian and Thorsten,
      On some webinars we can make the registration public; I did request that on these but the registration exceeded the phone limits that ASUG could support so we could not do it.

      We use all avenues to promote our webcasts as 1) not all ASUG members go to  2) not all ASUG members are signed up to receive notices about these webinars  and 3) I would venture to say that most ASUG members visit SCN more than

      We did make our 9/28 ASUG BusinessObjects 4.0 name change webcast open to the public.  We have a BPM / Workflow Webcast on March 22 given by an SAP Platinum consultant that we are opening up to the public.

      So where possible we do try to showcase what ASUG has to offer, it is just the registrations for these webcasts have been too high.

      That aside, I am glad @cbasis was at last week's webcast.


      Author's profile photo Jon Reed
      Jon Reed
      I posted on this on Twitter because I saw so many, and I mean, many Tweets on this webinar and not being an ASUG member I was not able to attend. I think one good compromise would be to find a way to at least let those who couldn't attend view the webinar replay. ASUG probably prefers that the webinar ultimately be in the members' area but perhaps a limited time replay of a week would work well, and even create a bit more buzz after the fact, with a link to become a member at the bottom of the page.

      I know for me I would have enjoyed seeing at least the replay for this one. I suppose the next best compromise is the detailed blog Tammy posted on the webinar afterwards which was terrific and I recommend to all.

      I do think the extensive way this was promoted on Twitter in particular should be thought about in terms of finding a way to give those who saw all the tweets and clicked on the links to find out they couldn't attend to see it after the fact.

      Ingo, while sometimes SAP Mentors could do a better job of not mentioning a private webinar in public, I've never seen aggressive promotion of a private webinar by Mentors prior to the webinar like this. However, we all have to pay attention to how we use public sites, be it SCN, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to promote private events.

      Not trying to pick on ASUG here, I think it's best practice for anyone publicly promoting a private members webinar to think about the reaction from those who can't attend and make some reasonable accomodation.

      - Jon

      Author's profile photo Jon Reed
      Jon Reed
      p.s. I wanted to add something that got deleted from my draft: I think these are solvable problems that can be corrected by the next webinar to harness buzz and also build more goodwill. These are the challenges of creating awesome content, much better to deal with this problem then content no one care about. Perhaps even could play a role here hosting something outside the firewall for a short period as a replay.
      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Jon, and others,

      the webinar is part of a webinar series ASUG is running as part of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 product release (right now RampUp) and ASUG members have posted several blogs about those webinars on SCN,Twitter, LinkedIn so that customer are aware of it.

      The webinars have always been declared as ASUG webinars and we have highlighted several times the fact that you need to be an ASUG member.

      To me it comes down to a simple statement here: SCN is an OPEN community to customers, partners, consultants, people just interested, and also other user groups.


      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Christian, Torsten, Franz,

      SCN is a community for the larger eco-system of SAP customers - which clearly includes ASUG and other user groups.

      You might also sometimes find for example an announcement about SAP Mentor webinars - which are also not always for the public.

      In regards to other communities - I searched very quick in SCN for the word "DSAG" and here the two top most entries:

      Check out the Portal Presentation at DSAG Technology Days 2010

      >> promoting a portal presentation as part of the DSAG Technology days - which you also have to be part of DSAG for.

      Use Case Workshop ESC, DSAG and Solution Managment Automotive
      >> Talking about a use case workshop where you only have access to the material as member of DSAG.

      Here another example for the SAUG:
      International Focus Group for Integration

      Overall I don't understand WHY we even discussion this here.

      SCN is a community for the larger SAP eco-system which includes the user groups, partners, customers, and so on...

      To me SCN as community is open to any content out of this eco-system.

      So why would we want to forbid certain content as part of the community ?

      It is about the community here and each of us can decide not to read certain articles and blogs.


      Author's profile photo Thorsten Franz
      Thorsten Franz
      Hi Christian,
      I agree with you - it's a little disappointing to read a mouth-watering announcement on SCN only to find out that, while the announcement was made on an open platform, the webinar is internal to a closed group.
      Maybe ASUG could make these interesting webinars available to the SCN community, too (perhaps at least as a recording after the event?). If ASUG makes some but not all webinars public, this might even be an opportunity to showcase the quality of ASUG content in order to win new members.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Tnx Christian,

      Fully agree. What's next on SDN. SAP development blogging on new Netweaver 8.0 features with a link to the full presentation on a private SAP Internal Collaboration room ??