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SAP product name overview page idea concept

Getting lots of feedback

After posting my blog on SAP product name confusion (idea to blog about it came from Sindhu, thanks for that) I received a lot of feedback from the SCN Community Members for which I’m also thankful.

Those who haven’t read it, you can read it here:
SAP product naming confusion

The idea to have a SAP product overview page on idea place:
Product overview page idea

Among the comments and feedback on SCN and Idea Place, a respected SAP mentor Otto Gold whispered me to create a concept page to have a more visual aspect of the idea and put more power behind the idea.

Agreeing with him this could help the cause I started to create a concept page.Writing about what you want to see is always easier than coming up with the actual product. After some sleep (not much because I’m an early bird) I came up with a concept.

The concept page idea

First people checking the page should have a basic understanding of what a SAP product is and what the difference is between a platform and so on, so an important thing is information. My blog can already serve as a basis for placing information online to read about how it all fits together.

Once you get the hang of how SAP build up the products a simple timeline could do the trick to know where a product is situated, what year it came out, on which platform it resides and what alternative names are used by SAP.

Moving on to creating the page I bumped into another issue, I’m not a programmer. Now you don’t have to be a great programmer to create a webpage but to create a somewhat “ok” looking concept page you need to have some programming knowledge. Luckily I did graduate as a programmer so I do have some knowledge. I found a nice looking php tutorial to create a timeline and attach it to a database so I went on from there.

Imagine a full-time programmer to spend time on the concept and working out the final product.

The concept page

You can find the concept page on the following location:
SAP Product name history overview page

Keep in mind that it’s a concept and that it’s only a part of what the final product should be.

The idea is to have a search option and a list of products to get you on the timeline where you want to check the product history, naming and possibly future (along with more information on the platform and so on).

The concept page shows a timeline for one product “SAP ERP”. The idea is to have timelines like this for each product (PI, BW, CRM, BO, SBO and so on).

At the moment the timeline only features the time, the products that came out and the technology platforms that came out for that product.

To scroll along the years, drag the scrollbar underneath the timeline to the right (into the future) or to the left (to go back into the past).

When you click on a product or platform (different icon) you get more information on the naming. For each product it is stated on which technology platform it is based and for each technology platform the list of products (which are in the timeline) is listed.

To close the information box, you click outside of the information box.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Just one comment on your timeline - EHP5 for ERP went into rampup in December 2010, but won't be generally available to customers until something like Q2 2011.

      Does that mean it should move back a year?

      As for Netweaver EHP2, it's only available for ERP installations at the same time as EHP5 for ERP goes GA.  Might be available for "standalone" systems like EP, BI etc in 2010, but i'm not entirely sure.

      You might want to leave that one there, otherwise it looks like SAP didn't make an effort to confuse anyone in 2010 🙂


      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Blog Post Author
      Hello John

      Yes, I'm aware it's only a rampup in December 2010. I based the timeline on the Product Availability Matrix (for the dates).

      You mean move forward into the future then.

      I'm afraid this isn't the only topic where SAP confuses people.

      I'll make the adjustment to reflect it but the page is only ment to spread an idea, a concept that could help people understand better.

      If there is no response (action) to the votes for the idea in idea place after a longer period of time, I will most likely take it a step further 🙂

      It would ofcourse be better that the information could be found within SAP's own infrastructure (either on SCN or Service Marketplace).

      Kind regards