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Nominate New SAP Mentors

You may have seen the blue shirt brigade at TechEd or Sapphire: Engaged, passionately driving community project forward.

Or you may have gone to a local SAP Inside Tracks organized by one or two of the friendly SAP Mentor Wolfpack.

And then, just the other day you saw someone really passionately challenging SAP constructively pointing out how we can improve. You walk up to her and ask: “Where is your SAP Mentor shirt?”.  “Well, I am not a Mentor.” is her answer. You think: “Can’t be true! What an oversight.”

Now is the time to correct that oversight: Please nominate the next SAP Mentor!  

Made a little video that is essentially saying the same thing. 

SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem. Most of the ~100 mentors work for customers or partners of SAP. All of them are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as excellent champions of community-driven projects. 

Check out the just updated SAP Mentor Initiative introdcution slides.

P.S. Some video improvement ideas: External mike, get a haircut and more sleep 😉

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  • While it is encouraging to see nomination for new Mentors, what I would like to make a point here is that SDN should also take care of inactive Mentors who are out of this forum for more than a year. As like badge for members introduced recently, a similar process should be introduced for Mentors also.

    G. Lakshmipathi

    • Hi G. Lakshmipathi,
      Please take into consideration, that SAP Mentor activity and sharing of expertise goes beyond SCN. That is why they are SAP Mentors not SCN Mentors.
      In the background we are "taking care of inactive Mentors". This will happen this time around again. You may think, that we are not rigorous enough, but as I said you may not have the full picture.
      All the best, Mark.
  • Great to know the SAP Mentors program is in the search for new ones.
    I see this program, besides challenging, as a great door for professional improvemet of myself, as a retribution to the knowledge I could share. My expertise is the critical GRC- NFe (Brazil). I have been through 08 projects regarding this subject. I can say, much more is about to come with the Nfe 2G.
    I`ll keep on working...


    • Hello Alexandre

      I agree with you on the fact that SAP Mentorship offers added value to any SAP professional.

      The process which persons get chosen is not very clear to me but I can give you the advice to let your customers and perhaps colleagues speak on your behalf.

      Nominations mean other people should nominate you, while it's great you believe in yourself and the need of your expertise, in my opinion it would mean much more if your customers and colleagues speak those words and also very much believe in you.

      If your customer is convinced that the project success depended on you, he will not mind nominating you. If your colleagues like the fact that you share knowledge and help them, they will not mind nominating you.

      The way I see it, SAP Mentorship is more than just having expertise, it is about connecting people, sharing knowledge, helping eachother, giving advice, creating ideas and so on.

      I wish you good luck in your quest for Mentorship.

      Kind regards


      • Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback!

        I will take your good words into consideration and try even harder this position.
        However, I'd like to mention that this nomination process is not widely diffused among the Brazilian consultants community, even lesser by the customers we have worked for. So, how could all my possible voters get to know about this nomination process?
        I,  myself,  thought that participation in SCN and BPX was the main point of evaluation of my capability or not to be a Mentor. I understand the features a Mentor should have, but if my customers, colleagues and bosses (actually, all my friends!) can vote for me, I guess the Mentor program will be very similar a Professional Network (ex: Linked In) where you can make your testimonials.
        But anyway, maybe this is one task for the current Mentors: promote the SAP Mentor Program in low participation locations.
        See you around here… !

  • Hi Mark,

    when is the new nomination round? As i understand the latest one was closed.

    I would like to nominate german speaking mentors for cloud & education topics in DACH.