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Building Adobe Flex Application with BlazeDS – Part 3

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  • Hi Abdulbasit,

    at first thanks for the interesting blog.

    When I try to deploy my EAR-file, I get a warning during deployment:

    Warning occurred on server 27311250 during startApp of : (Failed in component:, ) Initialization of servlet [MessageBrokerServlet] failed. Check init() method of servlet. Error is: [javax.servlet.ServletException: Caller Guest not authorized, required permission missing ([,id=AdminConsoleDisplay,type=MessageBroker.AdminConsoleDisplay] registerMBean) ]

    The same error occurs when trying to call the application in browser, although I am logged in as administrator.

    I am using 7.2 SP3.. Any ideas whats going wrong in here?


    • Hi Mirco,

      Although you have logged on as administrator your application runs with guest user most probably you didn't configured security in your application. I didn't go into details of security settings which can be differ according to requirements and landscape.
      When you run your application first time without logging on before, does it ask you password ? If not you need to configure security.
      In your web.xml of Web Module project add following tags :





      and in web-j2ee-engine.xml add :







      Could you try with these tags and let me know the results.
      You can also find more about security constraints at :


      • Hey Abdul,

        thanks for your help!! Now it's working, although I still get the same warning during deployment.

        When calling the app for the first time I now get the Authentication-dialog, and it's working!