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Top 15 Most Popular SCN Blogs of 2010

After writing an article on the Top 10 SAP Human Capital Management  (HCM) Articles of 2010 and enjoying Alvaro Tejada Galindo’s The specified item was not found. and Stephen Johannes Top Ten SAP CRM Blogs of 2010 I started to wonder what were the most popular articles of 2010.

Based on SAP metrics, the following 15 blogs captivated the SAP Community Network and have the title as the most popular and well read articles in 2010. 

1. ABAP2xlsx – Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP by Ivan Femia

2. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta Update by Blair Wheadon

3. SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 Trial Version is available by Axel Schuller

4. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and Runtimes Now Available by Blair Wheadon

5. The BW – HANA Relationship by Thomas Zurek

6. Valuable Lessons to Make the Most of your SAP Career by Jarret Pazahanick

7. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta Now Available by Blair Wheadon

8. What Is New in ABAP Language, ABAP Workbench, and Enhancement Framework With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP2 by Thomas Weiss

9. New Community Developer License is available by Mario Herger

10. New ABAP Debugger – Tips and Tricks by Olga Dolinskaja

11. SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 Generally Available Now by Viliana Encheva 

12. Xcelsius Running on Apple Devices by Miguel Figueiredo

13. Rapid ABAP Development with SAP Controls Report Simulator by Adam Baryla

14. SAP Certification: The Certification 5 Report by Dennis Howlett

15. Brand your SAP Application using Theme Editor by Pradyut Sarma

It is a very impressive list of articles and content which in total had over 200,000 page views. Will you have one of the top 15 articles in 2011 as all you need to do is write an article for the SAP Community Network as you never know what capture the attention of the community. Special thanks to Gali Kling Schneider, Sylvia Santelli and Jason Lax for helping me get the information for this article.

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  • Good blog containing some good blogs. I don't hold it against you that you had one of your own in there - that was a great blog and one of the best non-"technical" ones on there.
  • I'm really proud to be part of this list, thank you so much SCN.

    I have to thank especially all the people that believed and contributed in this project:

    Sergio Ferrari
    Gregor Wolf
    Tomek Mackowski
    Rui Nogueira
    Ludek Vondruska
    Alvaro Tejada Galindo
    Hoang Manh Hung
    Joachim Wrba
    Members of Techedge Labs Team

    Hope that many other would join in this project.