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Patching in NetWeaver Mobile Client

Setting up of a new device is the easiest of all, this can be achieved by just taking the latest setup.exe or the cab files and installing them. But when there is already a SP running on the device and the device is productive, then a full or a delta patch is required to upgrade to newer SP or patches.


There are 2 SCAs which are required for the purpose of Patching. The 2 SCAs are and Meaning of 03_0 in the name of the SCA is that this SCA is for SP03 and patch level is 0.


To move from a lower SP to a higher SP, applying the Full Patch is a must.


To send the patch to the devices via sync, the SCAs have to be loaded to DOE by transaction SDOE_UPLOAD_ARCHIVE


This SCAs contain patches for Laptop Client and PDA client namely AWT,ESWT and JSP, for each case there is a full and a delta patch. Moreover the laptop client might need WebDynpro patches which are also present in


Why we need full patch and delta patch?


Within same SP to move from one patch level to another Delta patch is required. A delta patch has all the files which changed after the release of the SP except any changes to UI. Thus this is a very light way of patching.


But in case of Laptop client, to get any UI related changes Full patch needs to be applied. If there are any Webdynpro related changes, again the WebDynpro patches are required.


Similarly for PDA to get any container related changes (Ex:awt, eswt and jsp) the particular container patch is required.


Full patch is used in case of NetWeaver Mobile Laptop Client when there is any GUI related changes or changes in WebDynpro even if the upgrade is happening in the same SP. If the upgrade is between different SPs then Full patch is the only way.


While assigning the patch it is very important to check the version in the portal.


Below is the list of patches, with their descriptions, as seen in the portal after uploading the SCAs.


DELTA_PATCH_WIN32 : Delta patch for laptop

FULL_PATCH : Full patch for laptop

Mobile_Delta_Patch_ppc : Delta patch for pda runtime

Mobile_Full_Patch_Awt_ppc : Full patch for pda awt container

Mobile_Full_Patch_Jsp_ppc : Full patch for pda jsp container

Mobile_Full_Patch_ppc : Full patch for pda runtime

OCA_RT_DELTAPATCH : Delta patch for pda oca container

OCA_RT_FULLPATCH : Full patch for pda oca container

WD_PATCH_1 : WebDynpro patch

WD_PATCH_2 : WebDynpro patch


When upgrading from any SPs of 7.10 or 7.11 to 7.3SPx the following patches are required.



PDA AWT: Mobile_Delta_Patch_ppc and Mobile_Full_Patch_Awt_ppc

PDA JSP: Mobile_Delta_Patch_ppc and Mobile_Full_Patch_Jsp_ppc

PDA ESWT: Mobile_Delta_Patch_ppc and OCA_RT_FULLPATCH


Please follow the release note carefully to find out what changes are present in the patch and whether full patch or delta patch is required.

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