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Installing Mobile Client on Windows 7

Mobile Client on Windows 7/Vista 64


The release of windows 7 has been a welcome change to most computer users. The improvements in security, networking, improved performance on multi-core processors, kernel enhancements, enhancing boot performance have led to an operating system that is more robust and more stable when compared to the previous versions of Windows.

The release of the Windows 7 platform also brought into contention the shift for a 32-bit architecture to 64-bit architecture which provides for hardware-backed DEP, Kernel Patch Protection and mandatory driver signing.


In windows / Vista 64, 32-bit applications are run on an emulation of a 32-bit system called WOW64(windows 64). All Operating System calls made by the application are intercepted by WOW64. The WOW64 then converts the calls made into the appropriate 64-bit call and passed to the kernel for executions. The results obtained are then converted into a format understood by the application that made the initial 32-bit call.


This shift into the 64- bit architecture has also had its impact on the mobile client which is a 32-bit application. Though Windows 7 supports 32-bit applications, many people have faced problems while installing the mobile client.

Impact on Client

The impact of using a 64-bit OS definitely has had an impact on the client which is a 32-bit application. Few of the questions that I have got when the client was installed on 64-bit systems are listed below.

Do I install in Program Files or Program Files (x86)?

In the case of the client the installation directory should be explicitly specified as 32-bit. Failing to do so causes the non- 32- bit components of the client to be installed in the Program Files  and the 32-bit components to be installed in the Program File (x86) folder.

Microsoft in its 64-bits versions have introduced two folders for Program Files.

1)    Program Files

2)    Program Files (x86) 

Program Files: The program files directory is used to install any 64-bit applications that the user may have.

Program Files (x86): All 32-bit applications are installed in this directory.

In most cases Windows recognizes whether an application is 64-bit or 32-bit and places them in the corresponding directory.


Getting Access denied when I try to start the client.

The enabling of the administrator mode should solve this issue.

Windows has also introduced the concept of the administrator mode which allows programs to run with all the permissions of an administrator.

      1. Uninstall Client

      2. In the Run command–> type msconfig  –> go to tools –> select UAC –> click launch –> scroll the bar down to “never”.

      3. Restart the engine..

      4. Re-install the client

Failure to uninstall the client and proceeding to step 2, will prevent the registry from being modified.


 Windows 7 is an exiting platform to work on. Keep in mind the common bottlenecks mentioned above and instaling the client on Windos 7 is straight forward.

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      Very informative and helpful blog for installing Mobile Client on Windows 7