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Taking part in the Enhancement Pack 1 for SAP CRM 7.0 Ramp-Up – a journey begins

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Ramp Up
Picture by A. Blight

On December, 20th 2010 SAP started the shipment of Business Suite 7 Innovations 2010 to ramp-up customers. Siteco takes part in the ramp-up and use it to upgrade it’s CRM 5.0 to 7.0 EhP 1. I will try to keep you updated about the progress of our project on a regular basis.


Siteco did the first CRM implementation with SAP CRM 4.0 in September 2004 using the PC-UI Technology. We went live in April 2005. In 2007 we did an upgrade to CRM 5.0 still using the PC-UI. The used functionalities are Account-, Opportunity-, Marketing- and Activity-Management. The CRM System is connected to our SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 4 System and the Accounts- and Contact Persons are synchronized using the CRM Middleware. For the Marketing Management we currently use the SAP GUI for Windows.


End of 2009 we’ve decided to upgrade to CRM 7.0 but waiting for the Enhancement Pack 1. At this time the Ramp-Up for the Business Suite 7 Innovations 2010 was planned to start in July 2010 and should perhaps ended December 2010. That was right to fit into our planned Go-Live with CRM 7.0 EhP 1 in April 2011. That Go-Live date is needed because of the ending standard support for CRM 5.0 and to be prepared for the upcoming SAP Roll-Outs to our subsidiaries worldwide.

To be well prepared me and my colleague attended the SAP CRM Deep Dive Training offered by SAP Consulting in Walldorf. We attended the CRM7.0 Web Client UI Development training. We have to move our PC-UI customizing and development into the new CRM WebUI. In addition to that we setup a CRM 7.0 sandbox system. It was a copy of our productive system running CRM 5.0 and then upgraded to CRM 7.0. There we got our hands dirty and worked on the functional and technical requirements.

During my work on the CRM 6.0 IDES and CRM 7.0 sandbox I’ve filed 60 OSS Messages where 22 resulted into new SAP Notes or will be implemented in EhP1.

Ramp Up start

Right before the Ramp-Up start we received an E-Mail with a link to the so called “Customer Approval Letter” which had to be signed electronically using the SAP Service Marketplace account of a person with the necessary signature authorisation. The letter included also information how to get access to the Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer. It is provided for 10 persons in our company.

On December 20th I’ve received an E-Mail providing the Links to the SAP Service Marketplace Software Distribution Center where we can download the installation and upgrade package for SAP CRM 7.0 EhP 1. I’ve forwarded them to my basis colleague who took care on getting all the required files.

I’ve started to work through the extensive Ramp-Up Knowledge transfer documentation and also try to read through the SAP CRM 7.0 EhP 1 Release notes. A 390 pages document.

Check back soon to read about our progress to upgrade the development system.

Ramp Up
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  • Hi Gregor,

    Great news you got EHP1! Out admins informed me on friday that they will start upgrading our CRM 7 Sandbox during the next two weeks. As you are going to be some days in front of them, I am really excited about your experiences.
    Another colleague I met has already done the upgrade from a CRM 6.0 system to CRM 7 EHP1 in a pre-rampup on customer side. He mentioned that it was a hell of a job, because they had made a lot of adjustments. Mainly caused by problems with the enhanced runtime repositories of webclient components. Probably you can keep an eye out for that. If you are lucky SAP found a solution for the problem.
    Afaik the problem is with a changed DTD. The enhanced components have a copy of the original SAP RT-REP which is altered with all the changes you make. The EHP1 RT-REP with the changed DTD will mess it up somehow.

    • Hi Carsten,

      thanks for your feedback. I hope we can stay in front ;-).

      I think we will not run into issues regarding the enhancement of WebUI components. We will not transport any changes that we've done on the sandbox system to the development system. We've documented our changes including the source code adjustments in a word file and will follow that on the development system.

      Best regards

      • Hi Gregor,

        how is it going with your upgrade?

        Our internal Upgrade from CRM 7 -> CRM 7 EHP 1 has been halted when trying the first time on 17.01.2011. Our basis guy is still not finished today :-(.

        One of our customers is upgrading from CRM 6 -> CRM 7 EHP 1. They have got some issues with table indexes that should be generated, but are already existend. Obviously the upgrade routine does not regenerate existing indexes but can only create them.

        Both have(maybe had by now) calls open with SAP and it takes SAP a lot of time to answer. Seems there are more people having trouble upgrading 😉

        Luckily I am not directly involved in the upgrade process.

  • Hi Gregor,

                      This is a very interesting blog of yours on SDN about "Ramp-up to SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp1". I was trying to cram through a host of reference documentation like Master guides, Installation guides, Release notes etc to find out a specific point.

    If we are planning to move from CRM 7.0 to the new Ehp1, do we need to be on ERP Ehp 5 at the same time? I did go through the Master guide and Release notes, found certain sections that said Ehp 5.0 as optional / required etc. I just wanted to understand if this is a pre-requisite  for the ramp-up!

    • Hi Janakiram,

      I could imagine that there are specific functionalities like the Lean Order Interface (Creation/Maintenance/Display of ERP Sales Documents in the CRM WebUI) where an upgrade of the ERP to EhP1 will bring you new possibilities. In our environment we will not upgrade our ERP. I will post another Blog in the next days as we already had some issues with the ERP as our Solution Manager SMSY settings caused also the ERP to be included by the Maintenance Optimizer. But after I've cleaned up the settings we can now finally download just the files for CRM 7.0 EhP1. For Reporting you should be on BW 7.0 (NetWeaver 7.01).

      Best regards

      • Thank you for your reply Greg. We are trying to see if we can bring in CRM 7.0 Ehp1. But before that I wanted to check if there is a lot of dependency on ERP Ehp5. But looks like there is not much (as ERP Ehp5 has been mentioned as good to have for certain scenarios in the Master Guide).

        Also this is available only as ramp up now right?

  • Gregor,

    We are looking at moving the CRM 7.0 EHP1. I have looked through the release notes and noticed some minimum requirements with respect to the ECC versions. We are running ECC 5.0, will there be issues with this?


    • Hi Kerry,

      seems you're asking in the same direction as Janakiram Lakkapragada did. Please check the answer I've given to him in the comments to this blog.

      Best regards

  • I finally made it back to one of our customers who did the upgrade recently. Never had the opportunity to see the EHP1 in action before.

    After doing SPAU and some other tedious task I could finally log on to the "new" stuff. One word: It is performing a whole lot faster than the old CRM 6! Seems SAP really have done their job in this aspect.

    I am going to make my day through fixing all the stuff that broke during the upgrade. As we have a system with loads of developments this will take some time. Good thing though: I will have the chance to get a look at nearly all areas in CRM Sales scenario. Hope the good first impression will stay.

    cheers Carsten