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SAP StreamWork: the HR game changer?

Over  the last weeks I realized that SAP StreamWork has a lot more potential than I detected at the beginning. With the new Enterprise Edition of SAP Streamwork a whole new area is opened for this collaborative decision making solution: HR.

SAP StreamWork enhances the possibility for HR processes as it covers all the social interactions which are at the core of HR processes and bridges the gap with the more transactional view of the SAP HR system.

Let us first have a look at one process which is relevant for nearly all of us: the annual HR performance review. Many of us are facing the same challenge in the first quarter either as manager or as an employee: For the annual performance review process forms have to be filled with assessments and self assessments. Even if a mid-year review is established within the organization this process lacks a lot of input in terms of participants ( in most cases it is the employee and her manager, some additional appraiser at best) and timeliness (an outstanding effort at the beginning of the year is sometimes difficult to remember). Therefore we have a gap between the social interactions which a real performance review requires and the need to put in an assessment in order to process the transactional data (e.g. pay for performance bonus).

SAP StreamWork offer the ability to make this process a permanent and social one. The employee can invite colleagues and even customers to give feedback on SAP StreamWork at any time they want throughout the year to his activities so that the appraiser gets a better picture and she herself gets also more accurate input for her self assessment.

On the other side it can also be an appraiser-driven process if she as a manager invites coworkers of her employee or customers as well to give feedback throughout the year while working together.

As always this tool does not solve the challenge to motivate people to contribute to this process. But if it is established throughout the organization it transforms the former formalized HR process based on forms in a social one as the interaction is no longer limited to a certain period of time.

Another field where SAP StreamWork can add a lot of value to HR is the area of talent requisition. Assessing the quality of an application requires input from a lot of people as it is a collaborative decision process at its core.

The first reports on Google Apps Marketplace for SAP StreamWork clearly demonstrate that the users are quickly embracing the potential of SAP StreamWork in the HR area.

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  • I like the replacement of the 360 review with the 24/7/365 review.  There's no reason that employee reviews should be an annual process in a world where business changes on a daily basis.

    This one might be obvious, but the role that Streamwork could play in employee engagement is interesting as employees have greater ability to provide detailed feedback individually or in ad-hoc groups. 

    I definitely look forward to seeking how SAP continues to update this product and support a more social enterprise.

    • Hi Hyoun,

      thanks for your feedback.

      I am currently discussing SAP StreamWork a lot with SAP HR customers and I am sure that many more use cases will be the outcome.

      Best regards,

  • An activity called "me".  Then add comments / upload documents.   I do all of this manually and save it in a folder. (E-mails, documentation, everything for my reviews.)

    This would be a nice use of the tool.   However, if the people I'm working with don't already use Streamworks, it could be a struggle to get them to use it. 

    Currently - it's not as intuitive as I would like.  I agree, build it out, PRIOR to me sending a non-computer type person to the site.

    Has anyone used it for this purpose?  I would love to read about some examples of people actually using the tool.  What they've done with it.  What problems they have had?  What's good.  That kind of thing.


    • There is a first short experience report from an end-user on the Google Apps Marketplace which is using StreamWork for Talent acquisition.

      I hope that I can report back more details from first projects in this area soon.

      Best regards,