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What’s there in new year??

This is 31st December’ 2010 and it’s closing 6 o’clock. Yet to plan what I will do tonight! It’s like normal now. Things do not comes to me in a planned way now. Rather what is coming living with that.

I tried to recollect what significant things happened to me in 2010? I grew stronger in R/3 security? Got chance to learn BI Security plus training from SAP academy? Relocate to new city (From Kolkata to Hyderabad’ India)?

Well now I gave a think what changes they bought to me? I can tell Apart from learning BI Security it seems just rubbing same old thing again and again and again. Now a days I sound like old record playing repeatedly and I started to hate that. Need a excel. Need a change.

So why don’t I? This is where new year sounds to me now. May this ring a bell in my head. Yes, it does and I like that. Last few days I become study maniac after reading an old story “When did you sharpen your axe last time”. Nomore I cannot say I was too busy cutting the tree. It’s time to look into my axe now.

While I was writing this blog, one of my friend called me seems tonight has been planned. 🙂

Happy new year to all of you SCN follower. I am out now for this year.

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      Former Member
      Do you really work in Information services?   Just curious.  Every new day seems to bring a new challenge for me.  There is always something new to learn.  (Of course, I work in development not security.  Maybe there is a difference.  I'm not serious by the way.  Just smiling a little. ).

      I would challenge you to do something "new".  Share your knowledge with people here on SCN.  I know you are writing a blog so you are sharing.  There are always WIKIs, Forums, etc.   Have you written e-training yet?  I haven't either.  That could be fun.

      So your work day is still the same?!!  Time to spice it up.   Suggest a new project.  There is always something we can implement in SAP.

      I'm adding to your rant.   I LOVE computers, love SAP, love the challenge of working with IS.   IS is probably the one thing that changes ALL of the time.

      "Yesterday is the past.  Tomorrow is the future.  Today is a present.  Enjoy it.".  I'm not sure who wrote that.  But they are words to live by.

      (Some days are repeats for me too.   But usually there is something new in a year.  🙂


      Another side note:  When I feel like my work place is not moving fast enough - using new technology, listening to new ideas.  I come and play here.  There are so many people in the community that have challenging "new ideas".  I'm just starting to play on Code Exchange.  I bet there is a project you could join. 

      Author's profile photo Arpan Paik
      Arpan Paik
      Blog Post Author
      Yeah...Me also work in IS. However in SAP Security (Application) after got into concept, learning is bit same thing if in same version. Though I must not say there is nothing new. As after many days I found few interesting thing. But this is not so frequent.

      I have already changed project and here come to work on some new component rather that R/3 and BI. Hope this be a good year to learn new things.