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Wikis in SAP NetWeaver 7.3

SAP NetWeaver Portal offers in the new release of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 a new wiki application.


Companies often meet the challenge that their employees cannot easily share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with their team members. The Line of Businesses today heavily depends on IT to create, manage and publish business content.


The new wikis provide a framework to easily share and contribute knowledge and information in an intuitive way within the company. They give employees, customers, suppliers and partners a frame-work to collaborative writing and help to save time by making ideas available, sharing knowledge and managing related information.


Easy installation: Wikis are part of the Portal Addon-On and can additionally be installed in a Portal landscape. There is no additional infrastructure needed; as runtime environment the J2EE engine und the database of the portal is used.

Integration into SAP NetWeaver Portal: The following integration scenarios are available: User Management, SSO, Portal Navigation, Portal Search, Role Concept.

Governance: Access control to wiki content is executed by a permission concept. Administrator and moderator permissions control the range of activities that an administrator can perform. Concerning the user permissions you can define exaxtly what the users can do in a given space: read pages, edit pages, create comments and annoucements.

Flexibility: There are different concepts/scenarios for wiki use. Wiki can be configured according to the customers‘ needs.

Content control: The administrator can execute content control by approval processes, user banning and profanity filter.

User control: Users can decide to collaborate with anyone or only with selected users.

Customer branding is possible by theme adoption and UI changes.

Key Capabilities

Easy creation and editing of wiki pages:  By using the Rich Text Editor wiki users can format text, insert links (outside and inside links) and images, insert tables, insert emoticons, attach files (all kind of extensions allowed).

Additional data to wiki pages: Tags, change summaries and abstracts can be added to wiki pages.

Collaborative Authoring: A creator of a wiki page can decide between the following alternative: the author can either edit the page alone or can define further users who may also edit the page.

Email notification: A user can subscribe to a wiki page and get informed in case of a content change.

Blacklists: Remove profanity/insulting words/phrases automatically from a wiki page and replaces them for example by neutral signs.

Version control: the versions of a page can be compared and an older version can be restored.

Advanced page creation for the power user by the use of macros: You can structure and format the pages with the wiki markup language (macros). You can for example create table of contents, foot-notes and columns.

Easy Self-publishing by contributors: Wiki users can decide to save wiki pages in draft modus or to publish them. In case an approval process is defined, the users can only submit the page for approval, publishing is not possible.

User banning: The administrator can ban a user account, an IP address or ban a host name.

Moderation support: When an approval process is defined, pages must be approved before they are published.

Search: Wiki pages and documents can be search via the global portal search or a specific wiki search.


Watch this movie to get a first impression of the wikis:


You will see:
How to create spaces
How to maintain permissions.
How to create and edit wiki pages
How to approve wiki pages
How to compare versions of wiki pages 

More Information 

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