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CRM Middleware Monitoring Cockpit – The Place to be for the CRM Middleware Admin

SMOGGEN, GNRWB, SMQS, SMQ1. Sounds familiar and strange at the same time? ๐Ÿ™‚
Welcome to the world of CRM Middleware and how many times have you wished that you need not remember all the transactions by heart and there is a one stop shop for your MW checks?

Wish is granted and it has been quite a while since it is granted.
For a change, Ignorance is not a bliss here.

SMWP is the only transaction you had to know to call yourself a CRM MW Admin.
As simple as it sounds, it really is that simple, indeed!

Just goto transaction SMWP and you will see it for yourself.
Look how well it is organized for you and the sequence of organization is by itself an information.

First of all stands the Generation information, which is often a nightmare when you have quite a few changes with the BDoc.

If you have the system all set and ready with the Generation all GREEN, you may want to check whether the system has begun to run properly and you want to monitor the progress. Runtime Information provides all the necessary details.

Next comes the System settings with which we can administer the systems connected to our CRM system.

If you want to gauge the performance of the system and look for ways to improve it – Monitoring tools/Statistics will let you collect such information with which you can take decisions on improving performance of CRM Middleware.

There are several batch jobs for CRM Middleware which should be running to have statistics collected regarding communication and execution of queue entries. There is an element to monitor all such monitoring jobs and collector jobs – Background jobs.

This completes a summary of all you can see and do with SMWP. The idea is to consolidate all the data in one transaction making it easy for the CRM Middleware administrator. Each and every element is explained in more detail in the wiki.



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