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SAP Community Network: Year in Review – Best of 2010

Dear SCN Community:


It was a year without parallel.  As social media, social networking, and social commerce gained in stature in the broader marketplace, the SAP Community Network (SCN) continued to refine, extend, and leverage social business as a strategic mechanism to deliver positive results to our customers, our partners, and SAP.  This past year, we reached many milestones and set new records of achievement. 


As we close-down 2010, I want to share several highlights from the SAP Communities, SAP TechEd events, and SAP EcoHub that we can all take pride in delivering together.


SAP Community Network Key Accomplishments

  • Grew to nearly 2.3 million individual community members
  • Attracted more than 38 million visits in 2010
  • >200 million pages of content were viewed/consumed
  • Launched Code Exchange with strong adoption + market reaction + >50 projects
  • Gains in social media leadership across SAP + via external recognition
  • SCN + EcoHub increased SAP’s overall brand value, according to Interbrand
  • Launched Mobility and ALM topic areas in SAP Community
  • SCN article library now searchable by product, date, author, topic
  • SCN featured in 5th Book This Year — “The Network is Your Customer” — Shines a Spotlight on SAP Communities during 2010 + many articles + conferences
  • Idea Place was piloted at SAPPHIRE … launched at TechEd … and now has 1200 ideas, 700 comments, 4000 votes 
  • Multiple topic/audience newsletters w/ >1M subscribers and nearly 2M impressions per month
  • SEO best practices drove 300% increase in search traffic to SCN from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Sybase community synergies were captured w/ SCN via websites and newsletters
  • ASUG alignment @ communities + events
  • SCN Net Promoter Score at world-class 65%


SAP TechEd Key Accomplishments

  • TechEd Berlin 4,000 attendees = 33% increase over 2009
  • TechEd Las Vegas 5,500 attendees = 66% increase over 2009
  • TechEd Shanghai 2,000 attendees = record high attendance
  • TechEd Bangalore 4,400 attendees w/ positive momentum and buzz
  • 100+ pages of press / influencer coverage during TechEd events
  • New Executive program at TechEd attracted higher visibility with new influencers and drove rich conversations
  • New, successful “Innovation Weekend” was a big hit
  • First DemoJam ever in China – Dashboard Challenge – with 6 impressive contestants
  • 200+ customers engaged in roundtables with key partners
  • HANA buzz in Berlin … created momentum in Las Vegas … and culminated in the official launch in Bangalore
  • Strong partner participation with high partner satisfaction at all four TechEd events
  • >100,000 online Virtual TechEd video views
  • Tech Tour in 30+ cities globally w/ 20,000+ attendees
  • Extremely high attendee satisfaction (NPS) at 62%


SAP EcoHub Key Accomplishments

  • 700+ solution storefronts from 450+ partners and SAP by year-end
  • 50+ campaigns drove awareness, traffic, engagement
  • Launched Partner WorkCenter 2.0 to put better tools into the hands of partners
  • Launched EcoHub mobile version for iPhone/iPad
  • Introduced + launched 6 themes (mobility, etc.)
  • Interactive Search App (SmartAds) @ affiliate websites
  • RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) available via EcoHub at public announcement
  • Service Partners launched at TechEd Las Vegas 2010 to augment software partner storefronts
  • Analytics Marketplace launched at Influencer Summit in December under a tight / responsive timeline


 … and too much more to list…


Wow! That was exhausting … and awesome! 

What a year it was, with plenty of challenges and change, newly broken ground in so many areas, with tremendous accomplishments across the teams and communities, and true leadership and innovation.  We can take great pride in the fact that we again delivered extraordinary value to our community members, partners, customers, and active participants… and nice business results to SAP.  


Special Thanks

I want to send a special “thank you!”  to our community members, moderators, Mentors, topic leaders, and others active in the community. You are the primary reason why SCN is so often recognized as a global social networking leader by industry analysts, customers, peers, and partners.   If you have a cool “active contributor” badge with a star next to your name when you login, I’m talking about you especially. 


As 2010 Fades into the Distance, 2011 is in Sight

As we look ahead to 2011, the SAP Community Network team and programs will continue to increase our business value for SAP’s customers, partners and individual members.   We are well positioned to leverage our strengths and momentum to address new challenges and to impact SAP and its ecosystem in positive, lasting ways. 


In closing: again, Thank You for a fantastic 2010 … and Cheers to another great year in 2011!

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I would take the opportunity to publish my personal highlights on SAP Community 2010:

      + participation on innovation weekend 2010 in Berlin. Making 3rd place with community project
      + having conversations about security about WD4A, security, HANA and BW on blog and forums
      + get contact toward BRFplus solution management
      and development towards SDN
      + stay-up-to-date with SAP's steps in information technogoly

      All the best for you and your beloved & Happy NEW year


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      One of my 2010 highlights was definitely #nataschatoteched.
      Thanks to the fabulous SAP Mentors and to you for getting me there. I will always remember it as an unexpected and enriching experience. SCN is an amazing community.

      Happy New Year,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I knew someone would add it! #NataschaToTechEd is a definite highlight!
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Mark and the entire SCN and TechEd Team Members,

      Thanks for a fantastic motivating year.
      Your work and creativity are greatly appreciated.

      From your Friends in University Alliances

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      And great growth in the University Alliances community!
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Happy 20,110,101,045,959!
      Author's profile photo Harshit Kumar
      Harshit Kumar
      A big thank you to you Mark for providing such platform where we can exchnage ideas and have healthy discussion about SAP Products.
      Year 2010 has been very exciting for me on SCN and i do believe that with all the support that i am getting from Moderators, Mentors and Users it will be exciting 2011 as well.
      On that belief wish you all a very happy and exciting new Year!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks Harshit. I wish I could take the credit, but you really identified the true power behind SCN when you mentioned the moderators, mentors, and other active members.  Of course, I would add my great team and colleagues behind the scenes as well.  As always, we hope to grow and expand in 2011 and we have some big improvements planned (which I can't share yet, but I or others will as soon as possible).

      Mark Yolton

      Author's profile photo Madhu Vadlamani
      Madhu Vadlamani
      Hi. Thanks for giving a good network to discuss the issues and getting a good support form all.


      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      16 SAP Inside Track events (including one for kids) in places like Sidney, Isreal, Sao Paulo, and Bangalore. I really enjoyed meeting community members at the event in Vancouver!
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I definitely agree. "Inside Track" is amazing in that community members essentially run their own events, inviting other community members in their area, deciding their own topics and agendas, locations, and so on... and we simply support them in that effort. The result was: really vibrant, targeted, valuable, small events augmented with tons of virtual engagement and support. 

      Here's a link for anyone interested to host or attend one in 2011:

      Mark Yolton