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Author's profile photo Thomas Zurek

SAP BW 7.3 upgrade in less than 3 hours

This is the result of a Twitter search  query on a successful upgrade to SAP BW 7.3 at Bluefin. See below  for the related log of tweets. Great feedback for the team including our colleagues from support!

25 Dec vsikka Vishal Sikka Thx!!! HANA shud make it really fly!  @applebyj:  @vsikka We  went live  smoothly with #netweaver73 BW this week too…
24 Dec applebyj John Appleby @  @vsikka We went live smoothly with #netweaver73 BW this week too. Great  product by the way. Huge improvement in lots of small ways 🙂
23 Dec applebyj John Appleby Kudos to Roland Szajko from SAP support who got our  #netweaver73 bug  fixed in 49 minutes from open to close including writing code.
23 Dec applebyj John Appleby Impressive response from SAP Support on #netweaver73  Post-GoLive  problem. 10 minutes to phone call, developer working on fix  #BluefinRunsSAP
23 Dec applebyj John Appleby @bluefinsolution #netweaver73 upgrade mostly done now  – Java  still to  be connected. One new issue raised to SAP as V High. #BluefinRunsSAP
23 Dec tristancolgate tristancolgate RT @applebyj: @bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73  upgrade  completed – downtime < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP > nice work john  you da best
23 Dec BluefinSolution Bluefin Solutions RT @applebyj: @bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73  upgrade  completed – downtime < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP
23 Dec applebyj John Appleby @bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73 upgrade  completed –  downtime  < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP
22 Dec applebyj John Appleby Alright then. @bluefinsolution #netweaver73 upgrade  has gone  into  downtime phase on time. We’ll see it on the other side #BluefinRunsSAP
22 Dec BluefinSolution Bluefin Solutions RT @applebyj: OK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution  #netweaver73 BW  upgrade tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP
22 Dec sapcio Oliver Bussmann RT @applebyj: OK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution  #netweaver73 BW  upgrade tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP cc @sapcio @vsikka
22 Dec applebyj John Appleby OK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution #netweaver73  BW  upgrade  tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP cc @sapcio @vsikka

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      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki
      ...that it lacks depth. I will wait for a blog from John to learn more about their upgrade: what was their business case (except "many nice little improvements" ;-), landscape and size, if they had authorization already migrated etc. Congratulations nevertheless and waiting for more stories like this (are all of them going to be cc:ed to Vishal and Oliver? Why not to co-CEOs? ;-)!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I agree that Twitter is not "deep" in a technical sense. But why so scornful? While that log shows a single opinion/example it's at least more unbiased than, for example, many of those rejoicing HANA presentations, blogs, videos, interviews, ... which are mainly marketing and leave me/us speculating about the true nature/capabilities of the beast.
      Happy new year!
      Author's profile photo Bala Prabahar
      Bala Prabahar
      "... at least more unbiased ..." - how do we know if it was more unbiased??? We need more info(Vitaliy has already listed) to determine if it was biased or not.
      On HANA: I completely agree with you. Marketing to a certain level is ok. In my opinion, HANA's marketing efforts exceeds anything I've seen so far. Compare HANA's marketing efforts to Exadata: (IDC Report on Exadata)
      "...What became clear from the start, and was reinforced by numerous customer panels
      as well as one-on-one interviews with users, was that Oracle's claims regarding
      Exadata's speed, efficiency, and scalability were not hype; if anything, they proved
      modest when compared with actual experience...."
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      It is more unbiased because it is - presumably - unsolicited ... in contrast to the purposely launched marketing blogs. Can't prove it though.
      Author's profile photo Chi Iong Ma
      Chi Iong Ma
      Hi, it seems like quite a few people have already upgraded to BW 7.3. We are also evaluating an upgrade from BI 7.0(no EHP) to BW 7.3. However, we get internal errors on the MOPZ when trying to download the software. I have even upgraded our BI server to EHP1 and still the MOPZ bombs. Our solman is on SPS25 EHP1 and I have installed the latest MOPZ notes. I have opened a ticket with OSS and it has been escalated to development(the SAP analyst believes the issue is caused by yet another bug in MOPZ)

      I am curious how you download the BW 7.3. Which solman and BI version do you have to download the software successfully?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Good day Thomas and everyone who read Thomas blogs.
      Thank you Thomas for blogs, very interesting.

      For information:

      We found another problem when trying uprade from BW 7.01 to BW 7.3.

      If you alredy install BI_CONT 7.06 and want to upgrade for 7.3, be ready that solman ask you about mandatory package BI_CONT 7.36, but you can't find them on marketplace. Confused situation - isn't it.

      We create message about that.
      Sap suppurt experts tells that the package SAPK-73601INBICONT is not available yet.
      Release 736 of BI_CONT will be available as of 8 November 2011.

      We ask - is there any workaround, now we wainting answers. I hope sap experts find the solution.

      Author's profile photo Erich Schneider
      Erich Schneider
      How many hours would it take from 3.x to 7.3?