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Using Validations in Project System with Examples


The purpose of this blog is to help the beginners in creating validation in Project system, also it lists some examples of the commonly used validations with prerequsities and checks.


SAP Help explains validation as a check of values or combination of values in the SAP environment. In the Std SAP System almost all data’s are validated against some tables or master datas. In addition to SAP defined validation, a user can define his own set of validation to carry out project specific checks. 

A validation has three areas, Pre-requisites, Checks & Messages.


It is the statement which determines whether validation should be carried out or not. If the statement is true, then system proceeds to check area otherwise allows the transaction.


This is the condition which is to be validated. If the statement is true, then the transaction continues, but if the statement is false, the system displays the message.


This is the message which is to be displayed if the check statement fails.

Validation in Project system:

You can create the validations for Project systems using Tcode OPSI or from the following menu path:

SPRO >Project system> Structures> Operative Structures> Work Breakdown Structure/Network> Maintain Validation.

Once you create the validation, this validation should be maintained in Project profile (for Project Definition and WBS element) or in Network Profile (for Network header and Network Activity) Make sure to tick the check box automatic validation in project profile, so that system performs validation automatically whenever you save the project. 

You can assign only one validation name per object, say project definition or WBS Element, in project profile. But you can create 999 validation steps for a single validation name.

Examples of Commonly used Validation:






To allow specific project codes for specific project profiles


PROJ-PROFL = ‘1000’

System checks if the project code starts with A, then project profile 1000 has been used or not.

To check 1st level WBSE code is same as project code




System checks First level WBSE and Project definition number are same or not

To check project code and WBSE code are same

PROJ-PROFL = ‘00001’



System allows to have different WBSE code under a project code, in order to avoid this, you can perform this check. Here, X denotes the length of the project without special characters.

To check specific characters in the WBSE code

PROJ-PROFL = ‘00001’


System checks whether the ‘X’ th position of WBSE code is ‘A’ for the project profile 00001

To allow only certain user to enter a value in certain fields



System allows only user ABC to enter the value for Profit center for all WBSE

To make project type mandatory for particular project profile and for 1st level WBSE

PROJ-PROFL = ‘001’




System checks whether the project type has been entered for 1st level WBSE of the project with profile 001

To make resp cost center as madatory field for a particular network type and profile.





<> ‘ ‘

System makes sure that resp. cost center is filled for a particular network profile and network type.


Useful link:

You can read more about validations in this help section.

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      Former Member

      Hi Rafi,

      Project validations is being asked very often in our forum. This document will give basic information and guidance how to proceed if some one wanted to set up validations in system.

      Keep it up and good work indeed.



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      Former Member

      Hi Mohamed,

      Great work. This is crystal clear and very informative. Will give the beginners a good idea on how Validations actually work in SAP PS.

      Keep it up.

      Best Regards,


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      NAG A C

      Thanks Rafi for knowledge sharing and excellent guideline to beginners.

      Author's profile photo sanjeev chauhan
      sanjeev chauhan

      Great job Rafi and hope you will keep it Continue, you have how to use validation in PS scenarios wise.



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      Nelson Hernández Manso

      Good explanation! very clear. Thanks.

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      Former Member

      Very Much informative for beginners.

      Keep it up.



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      Dnyaneshwar Gund

      very informative..thanks.

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      very useful information,


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      Former Member

      Dear Mohamed Rafi,

      i do highly appreciate your hard work and wonderful explanation, but i found "Examples of Commonly used Validation" was mixed up as at first example "Examples of Commonly used Validation:" as PROJ-PSPID like A* needs to be in check column and PROJ-PROFL = ‘1000’ needs to be in PROJ-PSPID like A*


      Exactly like below picture:


      However i would like to thank you for your Clearly explanation.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Mohamed, thanks very much for your contribution. I have doubt, is there any user exit to make validations between WBS in the same project?