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Top Ten SAP CRM Blogs of 2010

Wait only one CRM blog made The specified item was not found.?

Yes and its not because we didn’t have any quality content.  There is just way too many 2010 blogs and its hard for Blag to review them all.  Let’s take a look at the top ten blogs IMHO for CRM

Counting Backwards because it is more fun

10) State of CRM – SAP Mentor Podcast – Jon Reed
State of SAP CRM – SAP Mentor Podcast

All I can say about this blog is three SAP Mentors, and conversation that could have been two hours long instead.  Besides it has Vijay and myself discussing CRM with Jon Reed.  It’s pure SAP CRM geekdom at its best.

9) BOL objects and naming conventions – Arun Prakash Karuppanan
BOL objects and naming conventions

A common theme in CRM content this year was disecting the Webclient UI framework in detail.  Another common theme is the emergence of several community voices providing content.  Here is one great example of both themes.

8) CRM Webclient UI Framework is available in ERP 6.0 and Netweaver ABAP – Thorsten Franz
CRM Web Client UI Framework is available in ERP 6.0 and NetWeaver ABAP

Let’s take another SAP Mentor who is “new to CRM” and show us how the CRM “borg” is assimilating the rest of Business Suite – brilliant.

7) Create your own BOL Object – Harel Gilor
Create your own BOL Object

If you deal with the technical side of CRM and are not excited by this topic then you either must be an SAP developer who has written a few BOL objects or never touched the webclient UI in CRM.  One of Blag’s top picks.

6) Why your Customers Don’t want to Talk to You – Sam Bayer
Why Your Customers Don’t Want to Talk to You

Sam wrote many great blogs this year.  After a misunderstanding about between Sam and a zealous moderator over a CRM forum post containing a survey getting special treatment, I’m glad Sam decided to share some of his great content here.   The zealous moderator has been taken care of approriately.

5) SAP CRM a Passionate Journey – Harshit Kumar
SAP CRM: A Passionate Journey

It’s a great story and had great reception by the community.  I also like this one because there was quite a bit of back and forth from the blog moderator side, in order to make this blog shine.

4) My (mis)adventures with Social Media – Vijay Vijayasankar
My (mis)adventures with social media

When Vijay blogs most of us take and look and listen to what is going.  I think blog shows the power of Vijay’s blogs to start a thoughtful conversation on any topic.  Oh did we mention Vijay is a SAP Mentor also?

3) My SAP CRM Improvements on Idea Place – Gregor Wolf
My SAP CRM improvement ideas on SAP Idea Place

I have dream that Gregor’s Wishlist is a reality.  Gregor I think has been with the CRM community on SCN since the CRM General Forum started back around 2005.  Gregor is always looking for ways to make CRM “frickin amazing” and is of course the Senior SAP Mentor in the area of SAP CRM.

2) CRM Idea Place Live – Anne Fish
SAP CRM Idea Place – Live!

The smallest but one of the most important blogs in 2010 for CRM.  Anne Fish from SAP announces Idea Place for CRM.  SAP starts to eat its own social CRM dog food here.  I must also mention that behind the scenes Anne is a great member of the CRM BPX community.  Anne has taken several CRM topics from the community and helped funnel those back to the right folks in CRM product management and development.   

1) How to Make CRM 2007 and 7.0 perform super fast – John Appleby
How to make CRM 2007 & 7.0 WebUI perform super fast

Performance of SAP CRM is always a hot button topic for everyone.  If the system does not respond well, no will use it.  This blog provides a clear and concise suggestions on how to make the system perform awesome and not look like most of us in the last morning sessions at teched.  John Appleby understands how critical this can be in a SAP CRM project.  As one of the new SAP Mentors in the areas of SAP CRM and mobility,  its been great having John in those conversations.

What about the rest?

I think everyone who contributed content this year made an impact by showing the rest of the community how many different voices are interested in SAP CRM and the deep knowledgebase present.  In order to be fair, none of my blogs were eligible for this list as I’m not really a blogger by trade. 

As I’m sure there are some blogs I missed, I’m going to challenge the community to come up with their top 5 blogs in the CRM area that are not on the above list.  The rules are the following

1) Blog must have CRM as a category and should have a CRM focus.  In other words blogs with CRM being used with several categories that never talk about CRM don’t count

2) My blogs are not eligible, nor are the ones on the list above.  Once again I want to recognize content from the community that is amazing and not from the list of usual suspects.

3) We will start the discussion in this Best Blogs about SAPCRM in 2010 Discussion.  I will compile the list and then send out a survey to vote for the final results.

4) The winners get the glory of knowing that rest of the community loves them dearly.  Other surprises might follow.

Looking forward to seeing your choices on the best blogs for CRM in this year.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      And probably the easiest blog you had to write all year! Happy Holidays to you! Warm regards,
      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby
      When I wrote this blog I thought I was pointing out the obvious.

      I didn't realise the impact on me personally until a large exciseables customer went live on CRM 7.0 earlier in the year. I got an email at some stage which mentioned they had read the blog and acted on it and performance was great as a result, despite having been lackluster in their UAT environment.

      Now they didn't contact me to performance tune the system which meant I did lose some business, but on the other hand we have a good implementation which has been more successful because it's fast. And I didn't get a 11pm call asking for help tuning a system that had just gone live and wasn't fast enough, which isn't fun for me personally.

      Glad you liked it anyhow, and I'm pretty honoured that it was considered to be a good blog.

      Author's profile photo Harshit Kumar
      Harshit Kumar

      Many thanks for putting this up! This was the first blog that i had written on SCN. It makes me feel really very good that it went well with the community.

      Creadit goes to you for giving valid suggestions in the due process.

      Wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!