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BWA – performance monitoring with Wily Introscope

Hello BWA experts,

may be some of you were asked from time to time by some developers or BW system advisor where you can I see the load (CPU,memory etc…) of the BWA. There are 3 known possiblities supported from SAP:

  1. TREXAdmin standalone tool (based on python, located on OS)


  3. Wily Introscope

Possibility 1) and 2) are really difficult to handle, because you need either OS access or authorization to use the tools.

If you are already using Wily Introscope for other applications and systems, you can also use it for BWA.

Follow the steps and you can present your colleagues a good tool for monitoring  performance/load of BWA at the end of the day:


  1. Preperations

  2. Download files

  3. Installation

  4. Post-Processing

  5. Useage


1. Preperations

You need the following things to implement Wily for BWA:

– Solution Manager (configured SMD + SLD)

– Wily Installation (Workstation / Enterprise Manager)

– some knowlegde on solution manager/wily and linux

– User sapadm on all BWA hosts

– Install files for host and diagnostic agents


You must setup your BWA in your solution manager in TA SMSY:

Configure first your BWA as TREX in categorie ‘Technical Systems’according the pictures:


Add a new Technical System under TREX (e.g. BAP, SID of your BWA)


Add your current software component under the shown tab above


Add your server hosts (these server must be predefined in SMSY ‘Server’) under tab instances


Afterwards configure it as ‘SAP BI ACCELERATOR’ under ‘Product Systems’


2. Download files

The files which you need for installation depending on your current solution manager stack (should always be the latest one). Check the notes which host and diagnostic agent is the right one for you.

SAP Guides


Diagnostic Agent

Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group” SAP Technology Components” SAP SOLUTION MANAGER” SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0″ Entry by Component” Agents for Satellite Systems


The Host Agent should be included in the Diagnostic Agents download SAR.


Host Agent

Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group” SAP Technology Components” SAP HOST AGENT




3. Installation

Copy the install files to your BWA hosts (or shared filesystem like gpfs). Extract it with SAPCAR (-xvf).

export DISPLAY variable for X-Windows installation: export DISPLAY=host:port

host is the computer/server where the X-Server is installed and the port is usually port 0. 

Another solution is to activate runlevel 5 (on OS, graphical output) to install it directly on the BWA blade. This isn´t the normaly way but I just want to show you another way without remote X-server 😉

Start the sapinst in the extracted folder.

First of all install the Host Agent: Software Life-Cycle Optiones -> Additioninal Preperations -> Host Agent

Here is nothing to take notice on, the kernel was also included in the compressed SAR file (e.g.: SMD711_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64). It´s needed by both installations. Just enter the path for it.

Check installation with command ‘ps -ef | grep host’ or script ‘/etc/init.d/sapinit status‘.

After successful installation of host agent we go forward to the diagnostic agent. Just start again the sapinst like described already above.

The installation depends on your system landscape. More information you will get via the sap instguides.

The installation can be executed online without downtime of your BWA!



4. Post-Processing

Start TA SOLMAN_SETUP -> Managed System Configuration -> change system type to TREX -> choose your BWA system and setup your system



Select Change -> Execute All -> Continue



Click contintue till this picture is displayed. Here you can navigate through each server and assign the agents.



Sometimes the configuration ends in such an error. We see that SAPOscol is mentioned again. But we already set this config?! So what´s gone wrong? The anser is easy – nothing. You will see that the data in Wily will be displayed and you will get no other errors which are refering to this error. It´s possible that it takes some time, until the host/agent is registrated completely.


Known Errors during configuration:

The installation can result in an error (‘Cannot get CPU information from SAPOSCol webservice’), because an entry in file /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile is missing. Please check note 1400891 for further information. 

The entry should like this:

service/porttypes = SAPHostControl NwaManagement SAPCCMS SAPOscol

After you changed the entry, restart the host agent via ‘/etc/init.d/sapinit restart’

!!!Note: If you use sapinit it will restart also the TREX instance!!!

You can use as alternative the following procedure:

logon as sidadm (agent user, e.g. daaadm) -> “stopsap; startsap”  -> this will restart only the diagnostic agent.

Rerun installation it should now finishing successfully.


5. Useage

Start your Wily Interscope Enterprise Manager workstation (http://host:port/workstation) or webview (http://host:port/webview  and install Silverlight). Filter via ‘lens’ the BWA host(s) and click on ‘TREX’ ‘Triage’ or ‘Overview’, some statistic values you will find also on dashboard ‘Host’. In the best case the data are displayed like shown in the pictures below:





There are a lot of categories which can be monitored.

It depends on the version of Wily if you can add user and create dashboards. In the ‘light’ version you only have 2 users -> admin and guest. The restriction for guest is only that this user can´t execute a transaction trace.


I hope I could help you with this little how-to to integrate the BWA in your Wily monitoring.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi excellent tool. Could please guide me in configuring it. if you have any documents please send it to


      Author's profile photo Jens Gleichmann
      Jens Gleichmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Ranjith,

      which configuration is missing? All the information you need is written down in the blog or in the manuals for the appropriate components. Just try it out. You won´t find a step-by-step documentation for all these components. This was the reason for writing this blog 😉


      Author's profile photo Sebastian Heinz
      Sebastian Heinz
      Hello Jens,

      thanks for your Weblog it has been very useful but one thing is still not clear to me: How do you assign new product instances in SMSY to the technical system Trex?

      We could not find that particular product system in SMSY so we finally did mark it as pattern HUB and added it as prod Instance Trex and performed the diagnostics setup which went fine.

      Are there additional BWA specific features in Diegnostics Workcenter compared to Trex usage?

      Is there any benefit to have an own product instance SAP BI Accelerator 7.0 instead to assign it to a main instance e.g. BW 7.0?

      We are on SolMan SP25.

      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Sebastian

      Could you please guide me on how to configure the same. Please share the document you created.


      Author's profile photo Jens Gleichmann
      Jens Gleichmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Sebastian,

      we are on SolMan 701 SP7 so I can´t remember how the SMSY worked on this release. In 701 you define the servers and just add a new instance with an right-click on Technical Systems->TREX->Create new technical system
      I never tried to add it on another technical system.

      This information is published to the SLD and the wily based on the data from the SLD. So should be the correct information because this is the template which data have to been collected.

      BWA based on the TREX, so it has the same monitored values.

      This data are also send to SAP, so there should be saved the exact values for your systems.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Jens,

      I just tried to add our BWA 7.00/54 to SolMan 'System Landscape';
      at the moment, I'm unable to chose SAP product version 'SAP BI ACCELERATOR'; on SolMan we are on EHP1, SPS25; is there a trick ?
      BWA is already connected to SLD;

      Author's profile photo Jens Gleichmann
      Jens Gleichmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Oliver,

      that should be easy:
      TA SMSY -> right click on product systems -> create new product system -> choose 'SAP BI ACCELERATOR'

      This product systems are shipped by SAP with the ST-ICO (SAP Solution Manager Implementation Content) of the SolMan. Open an OSS to get information on which stack this detail got added, but normally on SP25 it should be included. Have you also tried 'SAP BW ACCELERATOR', may be they renamed it in their renaming chaos...


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      to provide a complete picture, let me add that installing monitoring software (including Wiley) on BWA blades is not supported by SAP. We can neither guarantee the correctness of the Wiley numbers nor a stable performance if other processes than BWA are running.

      I strongly recommend not to do this.

      Sebastian Kreß
      SAP Development Manager BWA

      Author's profile photo Jens Gleichmann
      Jens Gleichmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Sebastian,

      you mean in cause of the amazing hardware/software blackbox appliance, which need no time for administration, it´s bad to install software to collect useful information to decide if you need new hardware and get a useage history? The rule of thumb with 50% of memory is really getting old... There is no real tool by SAP for long time statistics. So you have to use such tools if won´t miss the time to buy new hardware. So provide a tool which can this and nobody have to use wily...
      The BWA is just as a normal TREX besides the thing that you have to administrate a normal TREX... 😉

      It´s clear that everyone is responsible for the third party software which are installed on every SAP product and if it consumes too many ressources it will have influence on the performance of the SAP instance.

      The consumption of ressources from wily is very low. Under 50mb and nearly no CPU useage.

      I know this software rule and I know that you have to say this, but wily is a little tool which have no influence to the application. But this should test everyone by himself.

      shadow admin of BWA systems

      PS: sorry for the irony, but I had to smile while reading your comment...

      Author's profile photo Team BC .
      Team BC .

      Hi, Sir.

      My BWA's SID is same BW's SID.

      So I couldn't input BWA's SID to product system name in SMSY.

      How could I solve this problem?

      Best regards,