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How to customize Logon Screen in CE 7.2

As the
central point of access the Logon page of a portal gives a first impression
about a company e.g. by displaying the branding logo, logon image and logon text. This blog
entry serves as a How to guide which explains the customization of a Logon
Screen in CE 7.2.
comparison to Portal 7.0 there are no more par files which can be downloaded
directly from the portal by navigating to System Administration -> Support
-> Portal Runtime -> Browse Deployment. Instead of a par file the Logon

Screen can be found in a so called Web Application Archive (WAR) which is the

User Interface Archive of an Enterprise Application Archive (EAR). To make the

relevant Logon files available the WAR file has to be imported into NWDS by selecting

it directly from the portal file system.


NWDS: Select File -> Import -> WAR file



the WAR file import the external jar library

tcsecumelogonlogic_api.jar has to be added manually to the newly created WAR

project. This file can be found on  <
ootWEB-INFlib     csecumelogonlogic_api.jar.

This library is mandatory for the missing dependencies shown directly after the



Changes of the standard Logon Screen

can be done within the logonPage.jsp. New images can be included by placing

them into the layout folder of the WAR project. For detailed information refer

to Portal Customizations Intro – Login Part 1


Export the new WAR file by right

clicking on the WAR project.


War project -> Export as SAP WAR File


To make the changed WAR file

available firstly a new EAR project has to be created.


File- > New – > Other – > Enterprise Application Project

Choose the mandatory WAR Module in the

“Configure enterprise application settings” Wizard and include it to the new EAR project


Navigate to */EARContent/META-INF/application-j2ee-engine.xml

of the newly created EAR project and enter the relevant attributes shown in

figure 1.1.

NWDS: */EARContent/META-INF/application-j2ee-engine.xml

-> Edit Runtime   References -> Add Element.


Figure 1.1


detailed explanations regarding the attributes refer to the SAP NetWeaver CE

7.2 Guideline  (


Export the new EAR file.

NWDS: EAR project -> Export as SAP EAR File


Deploy the EAR file (earProjectName.ear)


Now the (UME) property ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias has to be

changed to the URL alias of the new application.

Go to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and choose Configuration

Management Infrastructure Java System Properties->

Services->User management Engine.

In the appropriate field enter the new path of the EAR file which

comprises the newly created Logon Screen.


10.       Restart the AS Java

+The new created Logon Screen does not overwrite

the default SAP Logon Screen and can be switched back by changing the +ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias

to the default value.

The following figures shows changes concerning branding logo, logon image and logon text.

Customized Logon Screen

Customized Logon Screen

Default Logon Screen

!|height=400|alt=Default Logon Screen|width=700|src=!</body>

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