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Advance Adapter Engine Extended

Advance Adapter Engine Extended (AAEX): It is a single stack based integration engine which provides own tools for designing, configuring, executing, and monitoring integrations use cases. The Advance AEX is based on java, therefore its installation and maintenance is easier. Furthermore, it requires comparably less hardware and due to this reason it is a cost saving option.

SAP is moving toward a single java based integration tool that provides capability of governing, designing, executing, and monitoring complex integrations use cases. In future single GUI will be available. Using single GUI, which will be based on Eclipse, developers can develop scenarios from a single tool rather acessing individual tools.



Figure 1: AAEX Architecture

Note: WS-Adapter and ccBPM are not available in AAEX. Moreover, IDOC adapter is not yet complete.



Figure 2: Execute Scenarios only in AAEX


Following are the Highlights on SAP PI 7.3 New features of using AAEX: 

  • Faster installation if you are installing single stack PI
  • Restart of single java bases stack can be achieved in 90 seconds. Although it depends on hardware, the restart of single java based stack is possible in few minutes.
  • Provides strong monitoring capabilities using single and dedicated toolset
  • Significantly reduced the resource consumption and provided high performance.
  • Scenarios are executed 10 times faster than those built in former releases or in double stacks.
  • Require less hardware than that of double stacks.
  • Support time out exceptions for adapter such as SOAP, JDBC, RFC, HTTP_AAE, etc.

Following are not available, currently, in AAE:

  • Cross component business process (ccBPM). Although NetWeaver BPM can be use to design scenarios, AAE doesn’t support ccBPM. However, in future release ccBPM will be available in java stack. 
  • It doesn’t support ABAP mapping.
  • It doesn’t support Integration Engine based adapter such as IDOC, WS, and HTTP.

SAP PI Adapters Enhancements.

List of Adapters in Advance Adapter Engine Extended.

File, PI/XI: PI 7.3 new functionalities for different adapters (JMS, JDBC, HTTP) – teaser, IDOC_AAE, JDBC, JMS, SOAP, WS, XI, etc


AAE 3:  Available PI Adapters

PI/XI: PI 7.3 new functionalities for different adapters (JMS, JDBC, HTTP) – teaser and IDOC_AAE Adapters: They are available in AAE which is Java based stack. Both adapters reside in AAE and support Adapter Modules.  PI/XI: PI 7.3 new functionalities for different adapters (JMS, JDBC, HTTP) – teaser adapter support both GET and POST methods.


AAE 4: HTTP_AAE Adapter

File Adapter: It supports file splitting for large binary files. Mapping and content based routing is not supported. Fore detail information about this new feature refer a blog PI/XI: PI 7.3 processing of large files – teaser. Thanks to Michal for a noteworthy blog.


Figure 5: Splitting large files in File adapter


RFC Adapter: The time out for synchronous communication can be set in RFC adapter.


Figure 6: Setting time out error in RFC Adapter

JDBC Adapter: Message size and row size can be set in sender JDBC adapter.

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      Good one.. Keep going..:)
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      Former Member
      No. ccBPM is not a part of AAEX. If you are you want to use ccBPM then you need dual stack PI.

      But you plan you future integration scenarions as per new feature of SAP PI. In place of ccBPM, NW BPM will be use in SAP PI.

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      Former Member

      This information is really good to know kind of this , keep going on...


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      ABAP mapping is not supported in AAEX. SAP is looking for options such as calling ERP to do ABAP mapping ( from Java enging) but it is not confirmed yet. It will be a future enhancements.

      Moreover, SAP is completely moving towards java based integration tool.

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      Shen Peng
      very helpfull.
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      Former Member
      Really good one.. Keep blogging 🙂
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      Former Member
      No. If you are using java stack PI then you cannot use idoc and http adapters of IE. You can only use IDCO_AAE and HTTP_AEE which reside in java stack and support custom module also.