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Author's profile photo Susan Keohan

What not to Workflow

In the previous blogs, I mentioned several scenarios where SAP Workflow might not be the right tool to use:    *”We want the workflow to send an approval mail to the owner of the cost object” * (/people/susan.keohan/blog/2010/11/21/what-not-to-wf)(but the requesters are confused about the difference between email and approval tasks)    *”We want the approval task to go to so-and-so” *(but the approver never rejects, so what is the added value?)    *”Every time this field changes on any master data, we want workflow to send an email” *(mass data changes might not be suitable candidates for workflow-enablement)    “*Workflow for bickering children*” (What not to WF) (Although back-and-forth processing may be valid for your business, as an SAP Workflow Architect, you are encouraged to dig a little deeper to determine what else can be done to avoid Bickering Children)     What about a process that is +not+ mission/time sensitive? I know we never hear about these processes – we are all maniacally focused on the mission-critical processes, and the ones that absolutely, positively have to be done in the right way, by the right people, by fixed dates.  But suppose that there are processes in your business that would seem to be excellent candidates for SAP Workflow in these respects:   They involve people, and they are repeatable.  Sounds like a Workflow developer’s dream, right?  I mean, just because I *can* put a picture of Tom Brady doing my ironing this blog doesn’t mean I *should*, does it?  (Well, maybe I should)  

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      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Only someone from New England would have stooped so low as to put Tom Brady in the blog... 😉

      Interesting little series you have going here.
      You are correct, it makes sense only to workflow processes that can be cost justified, are time dependent, require action, and one key other thing... The process needs to already be a well defined operational manual process before it will work.... You can't automate a junk process and think it will be the silver bullet....

      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan
      Blog Post Author
      You mean, only someone who is female, with a pulse.


      Of course, we would never automate a junk process - thank you for reminding me!