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ESDMA Design


ESDMA Design Time Projection:


If you have the DOE system or the backend CRM system already with licenses you should be able to download the Mobile Gateway add on from Service Market place. To develop mobile applications on different platforms (windows mobile, blackberry, iPhone) you need SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) and also native development tools from those platforms.


ESDMA is a data modeling tool for data distribution for mobile devices which is based on DOE (Data Orchestration Engine). Data Orchestration Engine, Netweaver Mobile, is a model driven message oriented middleware having data distribution as one of its strength. As a model driven platform it asks the developers to define their application’s data model. And on top of that developers can model patterns to distribute the contents of the data model. The data distribution capability is one of the core capabilities of Data Orchestration Engine. Please refer blog Distribution Modeling in Distribution Modeling in Data Orchestration Engine – 1 for more details.  


Need for Such a Tool:

The Mobile gateway is built on top of the DOE and allows you to create a standard and open adaptive interface to the DOE. Currently Mobile gateway is being used in 7.1 version of SAP Net Weaver Mobile. In the Mobile Gateway ESDMA tool has been introduced to perform the activities like Modeling and Configuration. The modeling capability of ESDMA tool allows to create an entity set definition on top of the standard objects exposed by the DOE such as data objects and distribution models. The runtime behavior of the system can also be changed with a set of configurations provided by the ESDMA tool.

ESDMADesign Time:

ESDMA Design is the way of modeling the business entity sets

Using ESDMA tool, application developer can define various entity sets for the mobile application based on his requirement. The entity sets are called projections in ESDMA tool. So defining projections in ESDMA refers to modeling the entity sets to be consumed by the mobile devices.

There are two types of projections that can be defined in ESDMA

  1. Design Time Projection
  2. Runtime Projection.


In this blog we will discuss defining Design Time Projection in detail


Design Time Projection:

ESDMA tool provides Application Developer the facility to include data objects from various SWCVs as part of the entity set. The application developer can choose the data objects from various SWCV created in DOE in the design time projection that defines the final entity sets of data for the mobile devices. Developer can create multiple design time projections but only one will be active at one point of time. The default design time projection will automatically gets created including all node fields of all the data objects under that SWCV.

 Getting Started:

Creating ESDMA:

ESDMA creation can be triggered using the transaction sdoe_esdma_design. Executing this transaction will lead to the following screen. To create an ESDMA enter the name of ESDMA and click create. 

 The following screen will get displayed:







Enter the appropriate description for ESDMA under ESDMA overview tab.


Assign data objects under Assign Data Objects tab as shown below. Select the SWCV name and click Add Data Objects button.


Assign DMSWCV under Assign DMSWCV tab as shown below. The data distribution will be based on this DMSWCV for the defined projection.



Finally once the data objects and DMSWCV assignment is done we can define projections on top of these existing objects.  To create design time projection click on Define Projections tab. The following screen will get displayed:


By default all the fields of data object will be added to the default design time projection. If we need to filter some fields, we can remove it from the Defined ESDMA Projection from the right side of the above screen.

Finally clicking on save will save the defined Design Time Projection on top of these data objects. The field set defined under this projection will act as a base for the record sets for the mobile devices.


DOE: Data Orchestration Engine

DMSWCV: Distribution Model Software Component Version

ESDMA: Entity set definition for Mobile Application

DO: Data Object

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