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You find the download here:

Use WINRAR to unpack the RAR files into one directory NWABAP702TRIAL. Open start.htm and follow the instructions. I did so and it worked!

There are already a lot of sources describing the ABAP news for 7.02, e.g. Thomas Weiss’ blog What Is New in ABAP Language, ABAP Workbench, and Enhancement Framework With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP2. In this blog I tell you how the ABAP Keyword documentation (what else …) can help to improve your 7.02 experience.

The normal way of starting the docu in SAP GUI is F1 in the ABAP Editor, the i-Button in the Editor or simply calling transaction ABAPHELP. (Besides, there is a new way: activate services “/sap/public/bc/abap/docu” and “/sap/bc/abap/docu”in SICF and try program ABAP_DOCU_HTTP_CALL!)

First thing you might notice after starting the docu is, that the input field for search terms is always visible and must not be called by clicking an icon, This has significantly changed the way, how the documentation is used inside SAP:

E.g., you can enter “News” there to find all the fascinating things that have happened in ABAP between Release 7.0/7.01 and 7.02:

But you cannot only read about the news, you can even play around with new features! As of Release 7.02, the ABAP Example Library (formerly known as transaction ABAPDOCU) is fully integrated into the ABAP Keyword Documentation! The source code of existing example programs is embedded into the documentation, can be executed, debugged, and opened in the Editor. The extended search allows a fulltext search in the example source codes.

Another goodie is the display of interactive syntax diagrams that you can use to explore ABAP Statements:

Furthermore, you can set a display language of the documentation for your user that is independent from the logon languge now:

Further improvements affect the hitlist for F1-searches (more precise now), printing and download mechanisms, and internal performance (sharing of common ressources via Shared Objects).

Last but not least, how do you like the new ABAP icon?



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    1. Martin English
      The 701 Developer edition install includes 64 bit versions of the SAP MMC and Max DB, as ‘extra’s.  Because of this, I thought there must a way of making it work in 64 bit (apart from anything else, there’s no easy way to get more than 1.7GB memory for a 32bit machine under Amazon Web Services).

      I have come across a couple of problems, and once / if I get it working I plan to blog here on it.  Of course, I will be using the 702 version (if possible).

  1. Ethan Jewett
    This is excellent – thanks for your work to make this trial version available and for the excellent ABAP documentation. Looking forward to seeing if I can make sense of those syntax diagrams 🙂


  2. Frank Stødle
    Is anyone able to download these files? — after clicking the download button I just get this message:

    “Unfortunately we have trouble completing your download request. Please contact for further support.”

  3. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Horst,

    as I hoped the NetWeaver ABAP Trial 7.02 is finally here. Please forward thanks to the team that made it work!

    But there are some parts still missing:

    1. The page SAP NetWeaver Main Release Downloads does not list the 7.02 Version.
    2. Is there also a Developer Edition? Without it developments for SAP Code Exchange are not legal.
    3. Is SAP aware of the voting threads Voting Thread for the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Developer Edition for Windows 7, Voting Thread for the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Developer Edition for VMWare and Voting Thread for the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Developer Edition for Linux? I.e. the tread for Windows 7 has 24 votes. Would be great if this wishes would be heard.

    Best regards

  4. Nigel James
    This is great news but I don’t have any XP machines any more and Windows Server 2008 has been out for a good while.

    I would expect that the minimum OS should be Win 7 and WS 2008 and 64bit.

    Why is this not the case?


  5. Jan Krohn
    It should be possible to run the new trial version in a Win2003 or WinXP VM on Windows 7. My last trial version has been running in the Windows XP Mode that came with Windows 7 for a good while without any problems.
    1. Nigel James
      I know John but if SAP want us to use their new platform why can’t be based on the lastest of what others have to offer also.
      They also do this with their adobe offerings. At teched a technology was demostrated based on Flex 3 when Flex 4 has been out for some time. While I understand the need for a ‘stable’ platform SAP really should be doing better at delivering their products on more recent platforms.

      I would have thought that producing a 64bit windows version is little more that a different build script.

      I would like to run this on a WS2008 platform. Why are you asking me to run on 7 year old OS?

      Kind regards,

  6. U B
    I’m wondering about the OS requirements which were the same in the previous Trial Versions:
    “Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2) OR Windows Server 2003 AND Windows Vista (english) “
    Is that some kind of logical expression?
    What about other language versions? Does it run on a Spanish XP machine? Or does it mean: english OS mandatory, XP/Server2003/Vista?
  7. Peter Inotai
    Long waited release finally came … nice Xmas present 🙂

    “Last but not least, how do you like the new ABAP icon?”
    Reminds me to a nuclear sign 🙂

  8. Peter Inotai
    You mentioned “With only two exceptions, it contains all the goodies that were developed in ABAP for Releases 7.2/7.3.”
    Is it possible to share what are these exceptions?
    I guess one of them is package check related.
    1. Horst Keller Post author
      Hi Peter,

      yes it’s the operational package concept that could not be downported (imagine syntax errors due to package violations after upgrade to an EhP) and the class based exceptions for RFC. The latter is incomaptible, because as of 7.2 a missing EXCEPTION-clause in CALL FUNCTION DESTINATION invokes the class based handling now.

      Best Horst

      1. Peter Inotai
        Hi Horst,
        Thanks for the info.
        I can imagine the package check violation situation. We have package check activated in our dev. system. We already had some interesting situation due to package check errors 🙂
  9. Gregor Wolf
    Another hint for everyone who tries to install the new ABAP Trial: Unfortunately the link in the getting started documentation which points to returns an Error 404 message. Also the link in transaction SLICENSE which points to will not work. You can get the license key at

    @Horst: Perhaps there is a chance to get running again.

  10. Jiri Neuzil
    I have a problem with installation on freshly installed WinXP SP2 profi into Virtual PC, I get:

    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 2 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step :Path component contains reserved character (‘:’): D:). You can now:
    Choose Retry to repeat the current step.
    Choose View Log to get more information about the error.
    Stop the option and continue with it later.
    Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW702/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL/.

    Thanks for solution

    1. Haresh Khandal
      Hi Kare Barel,

      Did you got any solution to your problem?

      I too facing the same problem.

      Please let me know if you were able to resolve this issue.


  11. Christian Dr. Drumm
    Hi all,

    was anyone able to try the UML class diagram feature with the ABAP Trail Version?
    I’m always getting an error when trying to display the class diagram. The error message states that “JNet OCX is missing”. Any idea how to fix this?


    1. Martin English
      Hi Stefan,
      This MAY be related to your problem; I have a similar host setup, due to installing on a woefully undersized Amazon Instance…. nsp702

      During my initial installation, the restart step failed.  I checked the SAP logs (..\NSP\D*\work\ ) and saw the following in Dev_Disp:

      DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpMsAttach: local hostname ‘nsp702’ is resolved to loopback address (cf. SAP note 1054467 for details)

      Basically, the standard now is that you can’t use LOCAlHOST as an ip address; Presumably the host name is calculated from the Computer Name property, or a reverse lookup of DNS.  The problem appears to be an issue with Cluster Tables

      You can set the “rdisp/tolerate_loopback_addr = 1” profile parameter. However, you should only use this parameter if clients (SAP GUI or browser) and all instances of the system run on one host and no cluster tables are accessed.

      I’m going ahead with this setting (it got me to the end of the install !!) and I’ll report further.  I’ve checked with Steve Rumsby, who is blogging his AWS install, but he didn’t have this problem.



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