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Interview of Vanya Maneva, Member of “Technology Troubleshooting Guide” Wiki Space Council

This blog is a part of my blog interviews series around the topic of “Wiki Space Councils- Collaborative Creativity Brings Change“. As previously described, the council is a group of topic experts who join together and discuss content strategy, design, user interface, navigation, management and promotion of their wiki space.  

In today’s blog, Vanya Maneva , a member of the “Technology Troubleshooting Guide ” wiki space council, will describe their unique activity and point of view.

The “Technology Troubleshooting Guide ” is a great example of how can a wiki space improve the support of SAP products. The creation of the topic resulted excellent feedback from SCN users and reduced customer messages. It proven to be a unique channel of communication with customers.




Link to your space:


When was your space created?

The current version of the space was created in June 2010 as an upgrade of the Java Server Troubleshooting, which was created in 2009.

Why was it created?

The idea was to have one troubleshooting knowledge database where everybody can share their expertise for problem analysis and solutions. Initially, the input came straight from the “battlefield” – developers and support experts themselves described frequently reported problems together with step-by-step solutions.

It all started from a small tree of problems related to SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java published on an internal SAP Wiki. The guide quickly proved to be useful internally and quite naturally came the idea of making this knowledge available for external use so that SAP consultants, customers, partners could not only benefit from it, but contribute as well.

The SCN Wiki with all its popularity and great collaboration features was our first choice. And we did not go wrong. The concept was proven by reduced customer messages and excellent feedback from SCN users. So the small tree quickly grew and went outside the boundaries of the initial product. The guide is now expanding to include other SAP products as well.


What can be found in your space? What content is unique for your space? What are your future plans for your space?

Right now, you can find extensive troubleshooting information about most core components and frameworks within SAP NetWeaver and very soon you will see us go beyond this. Colleagues are working hard to publish troubleshooting tips about more products, such as SAP Solution Manager, ACC, Enterprise Search, SAP BusinessObjects, etc.

However, this is not another documentation channel. We rely on the “Do-it-yourself” approach and try to help users help themselves. Unlike in static documentation, on the Wiki we have arranged the information in a user-friendly interactive wizard with numerous examples, screenshots, sample code, lists of error codes, useful links that will help you find your way through.

The main attraction of our space comes from the collaborative features of the Wiki. It’s easy to contribute for us – SAP developers, support and information developers can co-create the content directly on the Wiki. And the community can immediately consume the information and also share their own experience helping us make the guide better all the time.

What do you do as wiki moderator? Why are you doing it? What do you enjoy the most?

 As the space moderator, I have daily tasks, such as maintaining the main page, reviewing contributions, screening feedback and forwarding it appropriately, awarding points, etc. However, there are activities that I have found more rewarding. This was the initial set up of the space and the contribution process, rolling out and “evangelizing” the new space. I loved the introductory sessions with our contributors where I had the chance to personally show them how they can benefit from contributing to our Wiki. I’m also happy to support them in their work. This has given me the chance to work with so many new people and I enjoy this part immensely. I’m doing it because I firmly believe that thus we really help our community in their work with SAP products.

 What do you think of the new wiki? What improvements have you noticed?

 After the upgrade, the Wiki has a new neat look and feel. I have not tried out all the new features yet, but I can’t wait to do so.

What kind of content are you looking for?

 We are always open for content additions so if you have knowledge about solutions to some real-life issues that may arise when working with an SAP product, please share them with our community.

Why would you recommend other people to contribute/consume content in the wiki?

Because they will help themselves, help the community, help us get better.

What are the wiki’s strength points?

Ease of use, collaboration, interaction with the community.

 What is your favorite space  and why ?

 When I started working as a moderator, my favorite places here were the Getting Started, SCN User Guide and FAQ which really helped me a lot. Apart from Moshe, my best friend in my first steps was the Wiki Moderators Guide.
I also like the work of colleagues on the BPM Troubleshooting Guide which I linked into my space and now collaborate with its contributors as well.

Interested in joining a wiki space council in your topic? Please reach out to me.


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      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Really enjoyed reading this interview and seeing champions emerge for wiki contents.
      Great job Vanya and of course Moshe!