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SCN: A company´s knowledge base system, part 3

In the first two parts (SCN: A company´s knowledge base system, part 1, SCN: A company´s knowledge base system, part 2) about this topic I described why would I like to use SCN as a company´s knowledge base apart of how I use it now. Especially what already exists on SCN to help me get where I want to go. I would not change the things how they work today. I suggest implementing some minor enhancements to enable people to use SCN in the new way. I promised to describe the enhancements that would allow us use SCN the way I suggest and I deliver below.

How is a user linked to a company

If I ask for a “company view” on SCN users and content, there must be a way how to link together the users and the companies (employees and employers). The link between the user and the content is firm and clear.

At the moment, there are following ways how to link a user with a company:

  • Company link in one´s business card is a soft one: you can name your employer in your BC, you can name your employer´s website, but if you slightly change the name, nobody minds and if processed by the a machine it would mean you work for somebody else than your colleague who changed your employer´s name in another way.
  • There is another link between a user and a company. There is some kind of aggregation filter which allows you to click on the name of a company in the list of contributing companies and get a list of “all” the contributing employees. Employees are collected from the list using their email, I believe. If one changes his/her email, he/she would disappear from this list.
  • (Do we have a bulletproof link between the user and the company for the S-users? I am not sure how a S-user is created, there must be some kind of partner/ customer ID as a part of the registration form. Is it so?)

Even if this is not 100% bulletproof, it could suffice. So no changes needed here.

P.S.: if I am wrong, please let me know, I will correct the text.

Transitive link: between a piece of content and a company

We know how to link a user with a company and it is clear how a piece of content is linked with its author. Now we need to be able to access the content authored by the employee of a company (follow the transitive link I mentioned in the headline: from company to the piece of content through the author).

Unfortunately the way how to access the content from the list of contributing companies described in the last blog does not work. You cannot filter the content by the company (I still don´t believe it. This is SCN and so it would expect to be able to filter down to SAP people contributions for example. SAP employees are supposed to provide more pieces of content than other users and I would bet on a higher quality of such content. That´s why I would follow content I would access using such filter…).

For the feature I suggest the filter on companies working the same way the SCN category filter works is essential. This way I would be able to access directly the content I want. Example: All ABAP blog by SAP employees. If one could see the attributes of the “view” in the URL (as parameters), then it would be easy get exactly the content you want. For the example with ABAP blogs by SAP the URL could look like this: That would be nice, wouldn´t it?

More and more features comes into one´s mind

Now close your eyes and think about even more features that would make this “company view” on content much more useful and friendly. For example:

–          RSS feeds that would allow users to follow the content (by company/ category/ type)

–          Tags and folders one could use to create the personal collections of useful pieces of content (such feature would be cool to have regardless the company point of view!)

–          (Combination of last two) RSS feed that would let me follow the content tagged useful by the people from my company

–          Example: let´s say you (as a manager) get a new employee. You know what do want the new employee to learn, where he/she could find the materials (on SCN, of course). You have tagged all the useful materials when you have found it, so now you have collections of materials the new employee can use himself/herself to start the learning process. Isn´t it cool? I wonder if the future is bright and such scenario would be possible one day..

Please let me know, dear reader, what do you think. Would you find something like this useful for you?

Have a nice day, Otto

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Greetings Otto,

      I have read all of your blogs on pertaining to this series and think you bring up some great points.  The new employee example would be amazing!  I try and use SCN to learn as much as I can, but if your boss was able to point you in the direction of great material, that would help the company and the new employee immensely!


      Author's profile photo Otto Gold
      Otto Gold
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Kev,
      glad I have attracted at least one reader:)) Would be just great if more people who read would also comment, but yours is a special one of course:)) How are you doing? Back to school, no time for SAP right now?
      Many people on SCN are beginners in one way or the other and such "feature" would help the crowd, I think.
      Let´s see if I get some more comments:))
      Have a nice day, Otto
      p.s.: are you following me?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I sure am following you... Twitter that is... (@KevinCoolman)

      I guess you just needed someone to start the comments for this blog, looks like you're getting more now 🙂

      My semester is coming to a close in the next week, then hopefully some more time on SCN. One more semester and then graduation in late April!

      Keep up the great content

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Chandra VVNS
      Mahesh Chandra VVNS
      Hi otto,
      i read all 3 blogs on this topic,as usual a very good explanation on this topic. i as a new employee or new to sdn always used to Bookmark the useful links or prepare an excel sheet to maintain all the important or useful topics in sdn in one place. thanks for suggesting some new methods to maintain knowledge
      Author's profile photo Otto Gold
      Otto Gold
      Blog Post Author
      thank you for the comment. We all do some kind of the bookmarking and in my opinion most of the bookmarks sends one to SCN in a way. At least this is what I see when going through my bookmarks:)) The only problem with these suggestions is I need to gather some feedback and support to convince the Big Brother to implement such feature for us... It is only a suggestion after all.
      Hope to see you around in future,
      have a nice day, Otto
      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Otto

      I think there are still lots of improvements that can be done on SCN. Visibility of contributors and awarding them can be handled better in my opinion.

      Implementation of favorites would be a good idea, as it exists on SAP service marketplace for SAP notes.

      Importing a word document to create content for example would be a welcome feature. The editor to write blogs is not that great in my opinion.

      How about an idea like offering additional (free?)SAP training to people who contribute a lot of content on SCN. I know there is a select group of SDN mentors which is already a good initiative.

      The real challenge is getting everyone to participate, to actually give feedback on blogs posted. The tools are present already to build a knowledge base, perhaps not all the features are worked out as much as they should be.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Otto Gold
      Otto Gold
      Blog Post Author
      There is a saying: There is always something to be improved (or something like that...).
      I encourage you to share your ideas on Idea place. In my experience the visibility of the forum suggestions is not high enough, that is why I blog about my suggestions and put them on Idea place. If you think you could support some of my ideas, we might be sharing some interest(s). Check IP ideas, be it mine or by anybody else.
      And BTW: do not forget to link together everything what exists for an idea. So if you suggest something in the forums, put the idea on IP and mention the idea in the forum post, so the other can easily go there and support you (if they want to). Etc. etc.
      Anyway... hope to see some ideas of yours on IP and/or blogs. Thank you for the comment and see you around,