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BRFplus – The Book

Proven expertise in BRFplus has recently become a very desirable asset among technical SAP consultants. Although BRFplus is becoming more and more important it is still a comparatively new product and therefore reliable information sources are still very scarce.

To date, there are no comprehensive tutorials, nor any books to cover all aspects of BRFplus. Therefore, I keep on traveling to customers and teaching BRFplus to consultants and developers.
Fortunately, our new book BRFplus – Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications (ISBN 978-1-59229-293-6) closes this gap. It is available in December 2010 and contains more than 400 pages of first hand BRFplus information.

The book is a co-production of Thomas Albrecht from the development team and me, and therefore incorporates firsthand knowledge. I’m confident that after reading it you’ll agree that there is no better, or more detailed source of information!
You can order the book now in the SAP PRESS online bookstore or any other book shop.

BRFplus Book

While the business context and underlying principles are explained in a non-technical manner, the book also contains how-to guidance and code examples for technical readers.

See the sample for the detailed TOC and a text excerpt.

Product Description and Table of Contents

  • Explore the capabilities of ABAP’s new Business Rule Framework 
  • Find out about functionality, content management, expression and action types, and more 
  • Benefit from detailed code tutorials, deployment tips, and extension options

With BRFplus, SAP provides a full-fledged Business Rule Management System, based on proven ABAP technology. This book is your one-stop resource to understanding and using BRFplus: Learn how to create applications with the BRFplus Workbench as well as the API, find out how to manage applications and objects, and benefit from an extensive reference chapter on functions, data objects, rules and rulesets, expressions, and actions. Additional chapters on tools, performance, deployment, and other advanced topics round off this book.

BRFplus Walk-Through and Tutorial

Get started with a complete tour through all Workbench tools, follow the development cycle, and learn how to create applications in the Workbench or via the API.


Learn how to define, use, and link objects to each other, and benefit from a comprehensive reference for all object types, such as expressions, actions, and more.

Tools, Deployment, and Administration

The book covers the entire development cycle: Imports and exports, transports, administration, as well as remote and local scenarios, are all dealt with in detail.

Advanced Topics

Once your applications are deployed, you’ll want to tune them: Find out how to enhance performance, trace processing, extend BRFplus’ functionality, and integrate it into custom user interfaces.

Highlights Include

  • Business rules and management
  • Object management
  • Objects
    • Functions
    • Data objects
    • Rules and rulesets
    • Expression and action types
  • Tools and administration
  • Advanced topics
    • Performance
    • Tracing
    • Extending BRFplus
    • UI integration
  • Deployment and methodology
BRFplus Book
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  • Hi Carsten,
    Congratulations on the book!  I must say, you really whet my appetite for BRF Plus at SAPTechEd this year.  I just ordered my copy, and of course, I expect to get it signed by you someday 🙂
  • Nice work on the book Carsten.  Most interested in reading the chapters on extending BRFplus to create custom actions and expressions, as I see a lot of opportunity to create some cool stuff there.
    • Hi Lee,

      I have to disappoint you. The creation of custom expression and action types is the only thing that did not make it into the book. We were allowed a maximum of 320 pages. Our script hat 500+ pages. Then the layout was changed and still we had 440+ pages. Therefore, we did not include it but probably publish this part in a paper in SDN.


  • Graert news Carsten! I have been waiting for the book. I do have a question – The Process Controlled Workflow in SRM 7.0 still uses the old BRF. Would that ever be replaced with BRFplus?


    • As far as I know the colleagues have worked on this topic. But I do not know when it is officially finalized and released. Maybe this is already in Suite EhP 5.
  • Hey, I’ve just finished reading your book and wanted to leave some feedback without registering on sap-press. I really loved how the book is going from the overall view on business rules to a tutorial before going into detail. I also liked the way how the API content is right behind the corresponding chapter, so it is easy to find the right pieces of code when you need them. Also I was pleasantly surprised about the part on BRFplus lectures in chapter 9 since giving internal trainings is possibly what I will have to do soon!
    One thing I got confused about was the way the discounts work in the tutorial. I think it would be intuitive to expect a Sales25 discount that has a corresponding cell value of 0.25 in the decision table to lower the final price by 25%, so a shelf price of 100 becomes a final price of 75 (formula: final price = shelf price * (1-discount)). The tutorial however suggests final price = shelf price / (1+ discount) which in my example results in a final price of 80. In my humble opinion the formula should be like most people would intuitively understand the word “discount”. But as i said, overall i really enjoyed reading the book, so thank you for that!

    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    I need a suggestion. I am basically an ABAPer.
    I have little bit working experience on WebDynpro ABAP and Workflow also.

    I am in a confusion to learn BRF Plus. So that I would like to know
    how much scope of Business Rules.
    Once finished the development, who is going to maintain(support) either User or IT consultant(developer).

    Kindly guide me as per my skillset. So that I can proceed

    • In the book you can find tutorials and also a general introduction to business rules.
      The question who will maintain the rules is not easy to answer and depends on the scenario, e.g. how expensive it is when people “destroy” rules.

      Usually, you find IT setting up and maintainung some kind of rules structure where as business people own decision tables and formulas.

      With authorization and config this can be set up accordingly.

  • Are there any plans to update the 2010 Version of the book?

    Guess that in the current deployed BRF+/DSM there are some new functions not mentioned in the book?

    • Yes, I am in contact with SAPPress about a new version. Currently, I do not find time. But maybe 2015. I have written some new parts already. However, reworking th ebook is quite an effort. DSM is not covered in the book. Nevertheless, the basic concepts are all still valid.

  • Hallo Carsten,

    ich bin Student und suche gerade Ressourcen für meine Bachelorarbeit. Ich möchte mein Thesis im Bereich BRF+ schreiben.

    ich habe Infos über Self-Service procurement in SAP ERP gefunden und das System implementiert.

    Nun versuche ich einen weiteren Prozess zu implementieren, die BANF-Genehmigung mit BRF+.

    ich möchte gern wissen welche Vorgehensweise man folgen kann, um diesen Prozess (Bang-Genehmigun) implementieren zu können.

    Ich danke Ihnen im Voraus

    Marcel Koukissa