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abap2xlsx – I’m no longer a baby, I grow up and now I’m a fully featured tool

I published abap2xlsx first release just few xlsx2abap – Read and edit your Excel files from ABAP, it was July 2010, and it get a lot of positive feedbacks from all of the SCN Community; today I’m here to announce the new stable version Release 3.0.

Before start listing all the new features I want to thank all the Community members that helped me to get this achievement:


A lot of great features are coming with this new release; I’ll try to list all of them:

  • Worksheet and Workbook protection
  • Graphics
  • More style options (i.e. Rotation, Vertical alignment)
  • Page layout settings
  • Hyperlinks
  • Freezing panes – Locking columns and rows for scrolling (i.e. Table headers)
  • Sheet printing settings
  • Dynpro ALV Binding
  • Demo reports collection improvements
  • Many code improvements
  • Bug fixing


We have just planned new features for the next release like:

  • Pivot table
  • Charts
  • Integration with Google Documents
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet file output

and we are also working on a new project abap2docx! What are you waiting for? Join us!

Code is shared on Code Exchange, if you want to contribute or suggest new features you are really welcome!

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