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Config Settings to Create Storage location automatically

Storage locations are always created with reference to a plant. A plant may have multiple storage locations.

While creating material master via MM01, we have to assign the material to plants where it would be used. We also need to assign the material to all the storage locations where we want to use our material.

The process of assigning the material to each storage location is redundant and time consuming. We can optimize this process by enabling the automatic creation of storage location whenever a movement happens. In other words, if the automatic creation of storage location is enabled, the material master (Table MARD) would get a new entry for material, plant and storage location combination (if it does not exists) whenever a movement* happens for a plant*.

This setting has to be done at two places given below:

*Plant – In SPRO goto the plant for which you want automatic creation of storage location active. 

Plant parametersThe path for this config is: spro->Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Plant Parameters. Select the Plant and goto details. check the Create S.Log Automatically check box.

*Movement – In SPRO goto the movement type for which you want automatic creation of storage location active.

The path for this config is:  spro->Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Movement types->copy, change Movement types. Here select the movement type and check the Create S.Log Automatically check box.

This completes the configuration part. Any successful movement in/out with respect to normal stocks would create the material master entry if it does not exist already. 

Please note that only movements to normal stocks will create the material master entry and no entry will be created in case of movement to special stocks.

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    • Hi Jeyakanthan,
         In the context of this blog post, the system does not automatically determine soecific storage location. In cofig, the storage location should be assigned to the plant.

      Once, the user uses this plant/storage location combination for any movement, the system create the storage location in the material master record of the material/plant combination.

      In any other context, if you want the system to determine default storage location while creating a document. There could be various ways (for example – for Production order you may refer to note 63493.

      Please let me know if this I could reply understand your query.


    • Hi Jeyakanthan,
         The movement type 101 is goods receipts for purchase orders. When you specify a PO, the system would take the plant and storage location information from the PO line for which you are trying to receive the goods.

      Moreover, whenever you try to do a GR or GI with reference to a document, the system would default the plant and storage location from that document.

      In case you create a GR or GI without any reference, then you need to pass the plant and storage location explicitly.

      Please let me know if I could answer your query.

  • Before reading your blog in detail, once I read the title, I thought, you have given a suggestion in general which is applicable to both MM & SD.  But after going through the IMG documentation for the said fields, I feel, this will work only for MM side and not for SD
    • Hi Ganesan,
        Thanks for you update. Yes, you are correct. This documentation was aimed at MM side.

      I think, creation of storage location automatically is a MM side configuration only, Although the movements like goods issue for shipping (from SD side) would also impact the inventory and would have the same effect as any other normal movement has on the material master. i.e. if the storage location used in the movement is not available in the material master then it would get created automatically (record added to table MARD).

      So, this blog took an example from the MM side as the configuration is to be done on the MM side only.

      Moreover, I would try to be little more careful while choosing the blog title to make it clearer.

      Please let me know if you have any queries on this.

      Thanks for reading the post and commenting on it!!!

  • Hello Jayanta,
    I have a Retail system, and my problem is when creating a physical inventory for materials that never existed in that storage location. I get an error for this material not existing in that storage location.
    ¿How can I avoid this message? ¿Or how can I create those materials in that storage location in a quick way?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Maite Rodriguez