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Celebrating 4 years of my association with SCN

It’s amazing to think that 4 years has passed since my registration to SCN because this the place where I always look up whenever I require something to learn or  I face a problem. Most of my knowledge which I possess now is mainly due to SCN. By this blog I just want to convey how SCN has changed my life.

My Registration:

I still remember my first date with SCN. I joined as a campus recruit to one of IT giants in India, after  a 10 day training on SAP ABAP I was allocated to a project. I reported to my project manager he asked me to have a look into project documents and If I have time register in SDN.Being an internet savvy I registered into SDN instantly.

First Impression:

Frankly speaking I was confused at first sight of SDN as there are so many things to look at. It took me whole day to figure out how exactly SDN works and how I can use it to gain my knowledge.

First Development:

After a week’s time I was assigned a ALV grid development, the first thing which I did was search in SDN about ALV.I found many hits in forums more importantly the explanation provided there was awesome. I studied about ALVs and came to know different ways of writing code I implemented the same in my development.

Few of my SAP training mates(they didn’t registered to SDN )  also who joined with me in same project they were also assigned similar assignments but I was the only one who completed my development in time with minimum review comments. I received good feedback from my manager and I owe it to SDN.From that day till now SDN has been an important part in shaping my career.

 So I inform to all new joiners to SDN this is the place where you have to be if you want to gain knowledge in SAP. The professional growth of yours will be proportional to time spent in SDN.

Enhancing my career:

From that day onwards I started to spend more time on SDN and worked on ABAP for few days. There was a requirement in Enterprise Portal team in our project at that time, as my first impression was good with my manager I was moved to Enterprise Portal team. I started working on Webdynpro Java, Portal   and ABAP within a span of few months I wrote my first Blog in SDN regarding Image Recursive Tree in WDJ.

I mentioned  above how SDN has helped me at starting of career, now I would like to present the approach which I usually follow to find solution or help regarding problem which I am facing.

If I require a solution which I am not aware, I will search my question (or key words of my question) in global search .I normally get lot of hits in wiki, forums, I will check forums first to understand  if someone had already faced that particular issue if Yes what is the solution proposed by our SDN members, here itself mostly I can find a  solution or an idea on which I can develop a solution.

Considering I got an idea from forums and it might require a new development (Code change), I will again search this time in Wiki section with inputs which I got from forums. In WIKI we can find code samples for code change by taking reference to that particular piece of code which is already posted I will start my development. I won’t copy the code present in Code sample but I rather treat it as a reference to start with. If a config change is required I check the path mentioned and will perform settings required.

With the above mentioned approach more than 90% of my issues are solved. Based on my analysis I can say that before posting a question in SDN we have to  check if a similar question is already present or not ,if not we can go ahead and post. I also suggest that if we find a solution by our self and not from SDN we can post that particular solution under question raised by us which can help our community members if they face similar issue in future.

This is the reason why number of questions posted by me are less in SDN.

I would really like to thank SCN for making me what Iam today and helping me in process of becoming what I want to be ……:)

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