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The Thankful List – SCN Does something well?

We spend so much time on the negative.  Can you recall a time when someone simply said “thank you for being you”?  What about the “things” you are thankful for?  Not general things, but specific things that have impacted you personally.

I am thankful for so many things.  A lot of different people have touched my life in a positive way.  There are so many things in my life to be thankful for.  Yes, a lot of things have more impact than SCN. 

I’ve been sending out a quick “thank you!” e-mail to the people who have had a positive impact on my life.  I challenge you to do the same.  However, I can’t send a “thank you!” e-mail to SCN.   I can write a blog. 

All the positive seems to get lost when I’m having a rotten day.  Or when I dwell on the negative.  Take a look at some of my RANTS!  This is one too – go figure.

So here it is – my quick list of things that I’m thankful SCN is doing:

  1. Providing a place to get questions answered
  2. Giving me a place to learn more about SAP
  3. My personal favorite E-Learning
  4. A place to network with others on some cool projects – Code Exchange – A new area.  But very cool, if I ever have time to explore.
  5. Code Gallery – I’ve used my share of snippets
  6. Improving themselves – Idea place
  7. Networking – meeting other SAP Nuts

A large thank you to everyone who reads this!   It makes writing blogs worth the time I spend.  And I want to thank…  I could go on and on – hence I’m only writing some e-mails.

Boy, this is my day for feeling good about things.  Just putting “my thankful” list down makes me feel like a lucky person.   Yes, Pippi Longstockings, Mary Poppins, all the positive people move over!  Here I come today!

As I’m fond of saying!  Happy Dance!


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  • “However, I can’t send a “thank you!” e-mail to SCN”
    Why not? Write a thank you to:

    I believe that you can also write an e-mail (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) to Marilyn or Mark or Laure or … I’m sure they will appreciate it.


    • A-HA!!!  Someone knows how to get an e-mail ID.  I sure will send one to sap network.  I snt one to Marilyn.  I have had some great interactions with her, and she is an inspiration for me.  I’ll add Mark to the list.  I haven’t worked with Laure…

      Thank you for the suggestions,


  • Thank you SCN for:
    ** educating me on so many technical topics related to SAP and beyond
    ** for the SAPMentors
    ** for TechEd
    ** for letting me connect with a lot of great people
    ** for giving me a message platform, e.g. blogs
    ** for allowing me to communicate to Michele via blog comments
  • – Affording me the opportunity to help & be helped (and in so doing doing slowing down my hair loss process – from pulling out my hair in frustration :-))
    – Introducing me to a life / game changer in Marilyn!
    – Being the best teacher I’ve ever had…
    – All the tireless SCN Moderators for keeping it real & shaping SCN into the best community ever.
  • Though I would also like to record my million thanks to many SDN experts, special thanks goes to Marilyn, David Branan, Julius Bussche and Matt who have taught me how to Moderate SDN forum.
    • And a big thank you to you!  Moderators are amazing.

      Wow – more to be thankful for.  This means another great day for me!

      Pass a smile along,


  • Michelle, what a beautiful blog to read on a Monday morning. Thank you for taking the time to thank the community.
    If I had one thing to be thankful for: I love SCN for giving me the opportunity to meet and interact with such great people: whether it’s for positive or negative feedback (both are useful!), vocal or more discreet, newbies or more experienced members, etc. I love meeting you all.
    Michell,e we met at TechEd Las Vegas, though briefly. I introduced myself to you at the Innovation Weekend on Monday evening. Hope to do more with you one day!
    • So – I haven’t worked with you!  <Whew.>  Sometimes, I mess things like that up.  I am working harder to remember names, but I do better with faces.<br/><br/>I DO remember meeting you.  😉   Although I won’t guess our exact conversation.  I think it was about the SCN team.<br/><br/>Hope to work with you someday!  I’m glad you liked the blog,<br/><br/>Michelle<br/><br/>

  • Hi Michelle,

    Chirpy blog to read and refresh.
    The more we use and the more features we use the greater is the list of reason to thanks SCN.



    • I’m glad you liked it.  Sometimes we get to the point where we complain about something we read, wrong information, hard to find things – and the list goes on.  Then we forget there are many things that SCN does well.   I know I couldn’t do my job as well without the blogs, forums, elearning, code exchange….  And the list goes on.

      Thank you for the nice comment!