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SQL Anywhere Client Installer Released

The SQL Anywhere team has released a set of installers for the client components of SQL Anywhere 12. The installers are freely available for download here.

This installer will install the client communication components on a machine that has no server components installed. This will allow it to communicate with a server located on different machine that has full SQL Anywhere 12 server running.

SQL Anywhere Client installers are available for:

  • Windows x86 and x64
  • Linux x86 and x64
  • Mac OS X for Intel
  • Sun Solaris SPARC
  • Sun Solaris x64
  • HP-UX Itanium


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  • Thanks. The matrix does not list Windows 2000 as supported for SQL Anywhere 12. Is that because the matrix is for server versions? Is SQL Anywhere 12 client supported in Windows 2000?
  • Sorry, I misspoke on my last message. The client installer supports all of the platforms that SQL Anywhere 12 supports. However, Windows 2000 support was removed in version 12. Sorry for the confusion.