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SAP Best Practices As A University Curriculum Resource

SAP Best Practices provide a full featured system for prototyping or development.  The SAP ECC system provides pre-configured scenarios, documentation and training.   A list of scenarios supported can be found at:

The documentation and training can be used to support a university’s SAP related curriculum.  There are Microsoft PowerPoint’s illustrating the business processes, associated events and stakeholder interaction.  These slideshows can be edited to suit your needs. An example of the Sales From Stock slide show can be found at

In addition there are exercises to demonstrate the process.  These exercises can be modified  to support various data sets such as GBI.  An example of Sales From Stock exercise can be found at:

Good luck


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  • Paul, thanks for this observation and in particular placing links directly to sample resources.  I have seen some of the Best Practices PPT slides before (one thing I like is that the process diagrams are swimlaned by employee role), but I had never seen the exercises that you linked to.  Having just covered the Fulfillment process in detail yesterday evening in a class, it was interesting to walk through that document and note the detail.  I particularly liked the Process Overview Table which ties each step in the process to a transaction code (or a reference to another Best Practices document that explodes that sub-process).

    I have been trying to move away from the “click here, type this” exercises in classes.  This BP exercise provides the necessary detail for someone to walk through a new process, but seems to place more responsibility on the user to understand what is going on in the overall process. 

    Thanks for noting these resources as you have.