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LinkedIn Integration for Career Center Enhancement

Many of you may have noticed the “LinkedIn Integration for Career Center Enhancement” idea recently posted on SAP Idea Place. Well, I’m pleased to announce that as of last week, job seekers are now able to import their LinkedIn profile in order to create a resume with the SAP Community Network Career Center for free!


Importing your LinkedIn profile expedites the resume creation process therefore giving you more time to search for SAP related jobs. This new development also significantly increases your visibility and exposure on SCN. After uploading your resume, you have the option to include links to your personal blog, social media accounts and SCN BusinessCard, to name a few. The Career Center also offers three different privacy settings to help customize your job seeker experience.


Due to the fact that the LinkedIn integration is a new development, the Career Center welcomes all feedback! To send a brief note to the Career Center, simply click on “Questions/Feedback” at the bottom of the Career Center homepage.


For a brief, step-by-step guide to creating a new resume with the Career Center, see below.


Step 1: Go to, login and click “Sign in with LinkedIn” on the Resumes/Letters tab.



Step 2: Click “Import Your LinkedIn Profile” (this may take a few minutes.)


Step 3: Look over your newly imported profile and answer any required questions that were not included on your LinkedIn profile.


Step 4: Add links to any of your social media accounts, blogs, portfolio, SCN Business Card or company website.



Step 5: Choose the most relevant privacy setting for you- the Career Center recommends keeping your resume searchable with visible contact details.


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