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CRM E-Commerce -Product catalog and LOC’s

You can uniformly characterize the products in a product catalog with lists of catalog characteristics.

By creating a list of catalog characteristics, you determine which features characterize the products contained in the catalog, and which can be made subject to a search in the Web catalog.

To Create and LOC and Assign to the Product catalog.



The creation and configuration of the LOC is a simple process but does involve a couple of steps that need to be followed.


Step 1.


Create the Attributes that will be used in the LOC. This would usually be done by your Master Data team and may already be created.

 To create the attribute you can to this by

  • Go the Transaction COMM_ATTRSET,
  • Select  Create a new Attribute 
  • Select your attribute type these can be selected from the dropdown list.
  • The full steps to create the Attributes are available on 

Step 2.

Create a new Set Type and assign you attribute to the set type. In transaction COMM_ATTRSET, You can create a new Set Type  for example ZCATALOG . Once this has been created you can assign your attribute (created in step 1.) to it.

Step 3.


Once the attributes and set types have been created the next step is to create the LOC .

  • Go to Transaction COMM_PCAT_LOC, and create a new List of Characteristic.
  • Specify the name and description under List of catalog characteristics
  • Assign your Attributes and Attribute set created in Step1 and Step 2 to your LOC.
  •  Save your entries.

Once the LOC has been created the final step is to assign the LOC to your product catalog. This can be done in two methods.


  • Under Basic Data, you can  Assign basic lists of characteristics to the product catalog at the catalog header level. Assign basic lists of characteristics to the product catalog at the catalog header level. See Creating Catalog Headers.
  • On creation of a Sub Area you can assign a LOC to the area. This LOC will only be available for the Sub area and any LOC that has been defined at the Basic Data level will also still apply.

Once the LOC has then been created and an Initial replication of the product catalog has taken place, The LOC should then be available for select in the Webshop. This allows you to search for items based on the LOC.

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  • Hi Mark,

    Indeed, interesting blog. Do you know if there is a maximum to the number of attributes you could or should use through all the combined LOC’s on a particular part of the catalogue? Both for searching and displaying in the product details, I am curious what you would recommend.


    • Hello Joost,
      As far as I am aware there is not set limit on the number of Attributes that can be included in the LOC. But It would always be advise to keep this to a minimum to avoide performance issue. As the greater the size of the product catalog the great the replication and display will take.


    • Hi Joost nice to see you here. Am also from philips.

      Actually I had  experienced sucha a scenarion in one of my project , where we maintained a large of attribute, the result was, the system was too slow .

      So i think even though there is no limitation in the max number attributes, it is better to keep minimum number of attribute.

      shanto aloor

  • Mark,

        Will the characteristics also support comparison between products?  If I select 2 or products and choose the comparison in the catallog I get the sku #, description, and price. Will this support showing more attributes of the product?


      • Hi Mark,

            I walked thru this in our dev system, In ISA I was able to search by the attributes (a 3rd selection was now available to number, description, attribute)  The attribute even showed in the “material window pop-up” but I wasn’t seeing it show up in the comparison search.

            I had to create a hierarchy (COMM_HIERARCHY) and assign the set type to it.  Then assigned the heirarchy to some products to test with.

            The comparison feature only appears to be available in the webui product catalog, or I haven’t figured out how to activate in the ISA version yet.

           If you find differently, please let me know.


        • Hello Glen,
          Yes this appears to be the case, I will try and look a bit deeper into this and see if there is a work around . If I find something I will let you know.
  • Hi Mark
    Need some help in adding standard master fields as attributes in LOC

    I am trying to add “Product group”(standard field in Sales and distribution tab)  field as attribute in LOC

    I added CRMT_PRC_GROUP1 as attribute in LOC and could not find a settype related to this attribute
    i only added a attribute to LOC and assigned this LOC to product catalog,but the data maintained in product group is not visible in product catalog item .

    Please let me know the process of adding standard fields as attributes in LOC


    • Hello Raj,
      I’ve just been testing this myself and found that this is working correctly. Once I assign  CRMT_PRC_GROUP1 to the LOC then it appears in the Catalog ie it will add Product group3, product group 4 etc to the catalog.
      Did you recieve any error when you did this ?


      • Hi Mark,

        I am trying to add below fields but getting an error that the set type for the list could not be created.


        Component Type    Set Type

        “The catalog characteristics list ZTREX456 contains at least one standard characteristic. As a rule, the system generates a product catalog set type for this catalog characteristics list, in order to save the characteristic values. However, the generation of this set type failed.”

        Can you please help.

  • Hi,

    I have created a OC in transaction COMM_PCT_LOC,while saving it did not asked me for any transport.

    How can move them from dev to quality etc.

    Is this a manual activity?

    Thanks &Regards,