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A roadmap for effective BI

I have viewed many industry BI presentations where companies have shared their BI experiences.  Often I feel they are talking about completely different BI solutions.  But really they are demonstarting differnt levels of BI maturity. 

Researchers and analysts have attempted to categorise different aspects of BI practices as being reflective of differing levels of BI maturity. It is assumed that companies learn from their previous BI experiences to improve the impact that BI has on their company while at the same time limiting the associated pitfalls. BI Maturity Models are based on snapshots of company’s BI practices. The BI practices are categorised with respect to different aspects of BI usage and then different stages of maturity. It is implied in the models that the more mature stages facilitate greater business benefits but at the same time require increased levels of organisational change to achieve these benefits.

We conducted some research on the different BI practices of Australian companies in an attempt to determine their BI maturity. We used a BI maturity model developed as part of the ASUG BI Benchmarking initiative to categorise the various BI practices of companies that are members of the SAP Australian User group (SAUG).

The report can be accessed at 

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