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Take the Year-End SCN Satisfaction Survey

Tracking at nearly 4 million visits and over 16 million page views a month, we believe our SCN communities are vibrant and healthy. But now at the end of 2010, it’s time for a pulse check. We want to understand how and where you are getting value from the SCN communities. 

The SCN team takes your survey input very seriously. We read and discuss your written comments. We use your feedback to help us focus on the right things that will increase your loyalty, trust, and your desire to be active.

Take the survey. It only requires a few minutes of your time, and you get 20 SCN recognition points to help you on to the next contributor level. SCN wants to be guided by its members. Take the survey and let your voice be heard.

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      Is there technology in place to grant the points via workflow this year?

      I suspect that some folks might want to have their ponits in advance, given the track record of this survey's comments...

      Personally, I have expressed my opinion and contributed to SCN enough in the Community Forum categories that I would like to veto the survey this year and suggest that SAP takes a closer look into the "Idea Place" and the community forums.

      That points are being offered again this year to generate some statistics via this blog is a weee bit un-understandable.

      Never-the-less, good luck and I look forward to the laughs this year again 🙂

      (no personal offense intended  - but this series of blogs offering points produces a lot of jokes and in my opinion useless data to base any decisions on...).

      Just being honest,

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      Former Member
      Hi Julius,
      I appreciate your honesty, really do. Unfortunately, there is no workflow with the points awards. We transfer the data practically by hand via CSV files. Frankly, the points are not my favorite part of the survey-taking.
      I think it's an excellent idea of yours to use IdeaPlace and Community Forums as input channels into the teams that keep SCN running. We read and discuss input, both positive and negative in all of these channels.
      Nevertheless, I think there is a place for this survey, which is not really served by the other two community channels. And this is to get a mass of input on some questions we want to track. The point of the points (if you get my point), is to get more members to participate in the survey. The more responses, the better sample we have, and the more confident we can feel in the results.
      20 points is after all, not much. It's kind of a joke, I know. (I'm more interested in tracking points as an indicator of the Active Contributors who we award with medals to identify their levels.)
      I certainly hope that many members take the survey, not to get points, but to register their level of satisfaction and to give us a better idea where our members perceive value from SCN.  
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      Former Member
      Hi Keith,

      Do I understand correctly that it is not of your own free choice that points are being offered again this year? This actually seems reasonable as after last year's fiasco and the year before I had "ticked it off" that it wouldn't happen again hence being very surprised to see this bait being offered again.

      Actually (and perhaps this helps you next year to show resistance to becoming known as a "repeat offender"... 🙂 the SCN Rules of Engagement and the content filter patterns as well do not allow statements offering points to lure people or promise them rewards.

      This was introduced because it is seldom true, was considered a childish approach to something which is self-explanatory and irritated most of the active community members.

      Anyway, good luck and please post the results of the survey (On 2nd thoughts I will complete it but do not want any points for it, please).


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      Lakshmipathi Ganesan
      May be an option "No Idea" can be provided in areas like

      "How do you rate the usefulness and

      How satisfied are you with the following aspects of your SAP Community Network experience"

      since I dont have much idea and forced to select the existing box

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      Former Member

      Yes this is very useful form for verybady who is working on respective domains.