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Enhanced selections to load transactional data from any infoprovider

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 version for Netweaver successfully leverages the Netweaver infrastructure and we can use data stored in infocubes in the Enterprise Data Warehouse. In this blog we will discuss the functionality that we can use to specify the selections to load a specific data slice from any infoprovider.

We can use a data manager package to load data from any infocube to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation version for Netweaver. You can get more details about this at:;jsessionid=(J2EE3414700)ID1897954850DB00258195100095085303End?blog=/pub/wlg/14002

The first option to specify selection is the option that is available in the transformation file. Please see the example of the following transformation file:


Note that in the OPTIONS section, we have entered a selection to select data from only two characteristic values C2000 and C1000 of the characteristic ZACCT01. Hence we are selecting only a subset of the source Infoprovider. You can enter selections from multiple characteristics here in the selection and thus load data from a specific data slice in the source from Infoprovider. 

In addition to this, we can also have enhanced user interface to specify the selections. The delivered process chain for this enhanced user interface is /CPMB/LOAD_IFOPROV_UI.


When we run the data manager package that is linked with this process chain, we can specify the technical name of the source infocube.


In the user interface that we get in the next screen, we can see the characteristics for the infocube that we selected in the earlier screen and we can specify the individual values as well as the ranges for the selections for each characteristic in the source infocube as you can see in the screenshots below..




What if your source cube has multiple key figures? In that case, one option is to convert the key figure based model into an account based model ( prior to loading the data. If you don’t want to adopt that approach, SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 version for Netweaver also provides us a keyword MVAL. For us to use this keyword, the dimension must be one existed column in the cube. The dimension members in dim_mem must be the base members of the dimension (CALC = ‘N’). The key figure type must be the field name of the source data. Here is an example of using this keyword:


[Users can directly input the dimension members in the dim_mem, or input any existing mapping command in the dim_mem, such as *newcol, *col or *newcol(cash)+*col(1)].

Thus we can see that using a combination of these, we can effectively load a specific data slice easily from any infoprovider.

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  • Hi, I think this weblog is quite excellent, but why I can’t use both of the method mentioned at the article;When I add the “selection = ” at the options, it can’t work; And there also isn’t a “set selection” button when I run the package, so could you give me a help?
    My system release is NW750 with the package level 004.
    • I suppose you work it out, but maybe for other ones: you need to apply Note 1441872 to activate new process chain /CPMB/LOAD_INFOPROV_UI, then new button “Set selection” appears.
      In my case (SP06) “selection = ” at the options doesn´t work during Validation of transformation file, but it works when running package. It seems as bug…
  • Hi Pravin,

    Nice blog highlighting the MVAL functionality. Can you please clarify, in the statement below,
    ||GC|*COL(1)+*STR(gc), should it be *STR(_gc)?
    In the target records shown, the result is being seen as Cash_gc. Do we need to pass the “_” or does it get added as part of concatentation?