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DAY 1 in SCN

After having experienced 6.5 years at SAP on internal Knowledge Management teams, I am thrilled to join the SCN Collaboration team and further expand my network to SAP Partners and Customers.  I have been both a partner and a customer before I came to SAP, spending almost 10 years as a partner at Deloitte, and 9 years at DuPont.

Most recently, I have been specializing in Knowledge Management as a profession, positioning content, building communities, and providing social network tools to support knowledge sharing.

Today was my first official day with the team, and I can tell you that I am impressed.  They are a dedicated group who want the best for you, the community, and are willing to work hard for the things they want to achieve.

My role is to understand the community voice, help the team to prioritize and to scale their services, especially as it pertains to growing the number of active users with high quality content to share.

I would love to hear from you, our community, to understand your priorities and how we can help.  Please comment on this blog post so that I can get to know your voice, and what is important to you.

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  • And you will find most of the community is as well.
    So despite your hectic first day, thanks for posting just as you hit the ground running.
    I’m sure others will join me in saying welcome to SCN as well….and glad you jumped into the blogging waters….straight from the bouncy chair!
    • Marilyn always helps the newcomers. She deserves a great “Thank you!” for this. I wonder, Marilyn, how is it possible you can guess what drives people, what pleases them, what motivates them. This can´t be the education… Maybe the education of life?:))
      Keep going,
      • Marilyn is phenomenal.  I’ve never met anyone like her, and am so happy that she has found such a good match of her gifts and the community needs here in SCN!
  • All the best for your new job.

    After meeting with you and Keith Elliot at TechEd Las Vegas I’m looking forward to work with you.

    Hope to meet with you wrt Code Exchange and Innovation Weekend.


  • But did you really want us to list all of our priorities here?  There isn’t enough room.  🙂  As one of the customers, I’m glad to see you are looking for our input!  Welcome back to the REAL world of SAP.

    Seriously – welcome, it’s always nice to see someone support us in the community.   

    I’m sure we’ll be “talking”  – have you met Otto?


  • Hello Jeanne,
    glad to see one more professional and passionate lady on board. My pleasure to meet you and in case you need to get answer to some questions or anything else that could help you start the job with your right foot, just drop me a line.
    Best regards,
    Otto Gold
  • Jeanne

    Welcome. I’m fairly new to the SAP community and the thing that’s struck me is that it genuinely feels like a community, with people trying to help each other and learn from each other. Commercially valuable in that it relates to the real world, but not commercially active where people are trying to sell things. And people are honest, even when it’s critical of SAP, which I don’t think you’d see on many large company communities.

    I think an honest, candid, helpful, genuine community is really valuable (for SAP and for its members) and hope you keep it up and improve.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback!  I hope that I will be known for honesty and candor in the community.  As a customer of SAP in the 90’s (I was a child prodigy ;)). I was one of the first to bash R2 as the most user unfriendly software I’d ever seen.  SAP has come along way, but the biggest challenges lie ahead.  Today’s blog will contain some information about SAP strategy from a coffee corner chat yesterday.  Stay tuned.

  • Hi all…I haven’t figured out if this is the correct way to add a new entry to the blog or not, but I’m going for it.  The good news is I’m a great candidate to dummy proof the community environment!  Keep your eyes on my blog and watch as I get more savvy with online relationships on a day-by-day basis. 

    In the next few weeks, I have the opportunity to particpate with members of the SCN team to plan out the next wave of techology evolution to support the network, so I really want ot hear from you on things that can improve your experience on the community network.  I encourage you to respond to my blog on these topics.

    • Hello
      If you want to keep in touch with the Ideas and follow the “heartbeat” of the Community, I suggest you find your way to:
      Community Discussions Forum: /community [original link is broken]
      SAP Mentor Forum:
      Private SAP Mentor Space
      And of course the Idea Place:
      But I am sure Marilyn explained all the necessary details, including my points. And of course there is so much work to do. But in case you would like to meet people, see you there.
      Good luck!
  • I’m sitting here in the family room with kids hanging on my arm, spouse switching channels by the second, and me eating ice cream (raspberry and chocolate, of cource, while watching the election results in between beer commercials.  Even the kids in my home (ages 11 and 13) are talking about the election, while the TV talks about Tweets and social media reponses.

    It is amazing to me the change since the last election (only 2 years ago), that now everyone is inclusive of social media channels.  Not only are they considered, but they are considered very seriously.

    Thank you to those of you who have already commented on my blog.  Please keep your feedback coming in.



  • Please also pop by the moderator forum from time to time.

    Active mods alsways appreciate all guidance from and connection to the SCN team.