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The SCN Choice Soscar has found a home!

The result was a low cost video which I have included.  (Just in case you are one of the *few* who haven’t seen it.)  The other great SCN videos can be found  {code:html}here{code}.    Media Description: Link:   h4.    h4. The actual SCN Award EVENT: The great event was the unveiling of the “winners”.  As I stood there, I saw my still a couple of times on the TV.  Could it be me?  It was.  It was!!!!    Mark was the announcer.  He had a great dance partner and co-host in Sylvia.  (My inspiration for this event)  They enjoyed some great banter prior to the announcements.  Mark announced the snotty awards for the people that could not be in Berlin and won.  The snotty awards have some {code:html}amazing videos{code}.   Then on to the SCN awards.  My name was called.  WooHoo!  I thought. + Or maybe I was thinking about crawling under the chair.+  I don’t know which. After I received the award, dancing broke out.  I am not a dancer so, in typical Michelle manner – I told Mark “No Way” to the dancing.  He gave in gracefully, and found a different partner.  However, Greg would not be denied.  And quickly he found out that I didn’t lie.  I don’t know how to dance. Well I may not have people pounding on my door for an autograph, but I had fun.  It was a fun event.  I had a great time making the video.   My entire family including my animals got into making the video.   Next year I would love to see your video in any catagory.   Of course, I intend to be tough competition.   So beware.    I might even get a real camcorder.   Or not…  h4. And to end it all Soscar is happy in his new home on top of my TV. image
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    • It was great to meet you.   Yes, I agree Mark Finnern is a great dancer.   I didn’t get a chance to see Thorsten dance.  Looking forward to it.

      Thank you – it was nice to meet you in person as well.   We seemed to be going in different directions a lot of the time, but still I got a chance to say “hi”.


  • Michelle,
    Head smack!  Of course, one of the best reasons we use SCN is to find answers more quickly, so we can spend more time with *other* things we love, whether children, pets, books, other causes.  You really rock!
    Love the video, love the blogs.  Not so terribly fond that I did not win a Soscar, but then again, you seem to have done a ‘throw down’.  Game on.
    Seriously, congratulations for a great video and keep it up!
    • Thank you!!!!   Sometimes my sense of humor may get me into trouble.   I read this blog to my husband prior to posting it.  He said “Well, aren’t you conceited.”

      As you can tell I didn’t change the blog.   So in the spirit of FUN, I dare you to do better next year.  🙂


    • Sue,

      It was definitley a close race to the winners!
      But no one can forget your SCNotty acceptance speech, that alone deserved an award. If only Jim could have seen it in person, =).

  • Michelle,
    What a great concept, to demonstrate the value that SCN brings to you not only in your video but also in the making of the video! Yes, the SCN Awards ceremony was fun and festive, thanks to Mark and Sylvia, but also to all of the SCN Award and SCNotties honorees who got into the festive spirit and the lively crowd of onlookers, too. My turn with Mark on the dance floor definitely made my TechEd highlight reel.  Those who did not join us there really missed out. Now, before those good memories fade, it’s time for all of us to start thinking of how to top your and Greg’s achievements; can it be done? Both of you really laid down a challenge!


    • Thank you Gretchen!

      You know what the cool part about this story is?  It’s a true story.  We had a great time making the video.

      I loved your video – It was perfect.  The baseball cap was great!


  • Great work on the video and on the recap blog!

    It was a close competition, so many really really good videos.

    Glad to see that award is has found a good home.

    • Thank you!  Soscar loves his new home.  

      Although the wires tend to make him nervous.  He doesn’t want to be that Electric.  Gotta work on that.