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OnDemand is the New Norm

On Demand is the “New Norm”

Andrew Flanagan, National Vice President, SME North America

Part of being human is to constantly strive to go faster, be stronger, reach higher.  We push boundaries, we innovate, we create new products and processes.  In the world of sports, as soon as a record is broken the bar is immediately raised and a new target created.  The instant a record falls, the new number becomes the one to beat. The latest record is always the New Norm.

Customer expectations, similarly, are in a continuous state of evolution. The bar of expectations is constantly being raised to match the newest product offering.  Consumers are quick to realign their psychology – what was an upgrade yesterday – quickly becomes the expectation or standard.  An obvious example is the field of consumer electronics – as soon as a new and exciting product or product upgrade is introduced, it becomes the base standard consumers demand, one that manufacturers rush in to provide.

SAP as an organization is a mass of innovation, and BusinessByDesign, the latest SaaS technology solution from SAP, is just the beginning.  As a platform for expansion and innovation, BusinessByDesign is an example of SAP giving customers the tools to be the Best Run business in their industry.  SAP, via ByDesign, gives growing companies the opportunity to instantly offer this new technology while serving their existing ecosystem of customers, partners and employees.  Customers have the opportunity to completely slice through the ‘user technology’ curve to offer cutting edge enterprise wide solutions to their customers in a seamless fashion.

Growing companies, often in high innovation modes themselves, can seamlessly tap into ByDesign, and showcase a decade worth of planning and expertise. ByDesign arms SMEs with the tools to get ahead of the customer service curve, meet the rapidly changing mantle of consumer expectations, get ahead of the profit curve and capture market share.

On Demand, which was once the ‘new technology’, is now the New Norm. 

The innovation has become mainstream and is no longer a niche solution or technology.  The sooner companies visualize this shift the sooner they can capture Value with solutions designed to simplify every aspect of a business.  SAP BusinessByDesign is a great start.

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      Author's profile photo Joseph Caruso
      Joseph Caruso
      I am a big (American) football fan.  There is a pre-game show on ESPN every Monday night that has a segment called "come on man" where they show some funny & controversial plays from the previous week.  After each play, they say "come on man!".  Reading your blog made me think of the show and laugh (in a nice way)...............Joe
      Author's profile photo Zal Parchem
      Zal Parchem
      Andrew - really great to see your enthusiasm about SAP BYD.  And as a follow up question to you:  how do you translate that enthusiasm to answer some of the basic questions folks have?  For example, what is going to happen to the IT personnel and IT infrastruture, or what company is best suited to utilize and take advantage of these new norms, or how do you really provide a concrete example of how an individual company will be saving money in moving the current system to on-demand?  There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions and I have a ton of them.  Regards - Zal
      Author's profile photo Zal Parchem
      Zal Parchem
      You might be interested that a link to obtain the IDC whitepaper for the SAP BYD calculator is missing?  I have done some researach and found IDC's "Total Cost of Ownership" which seems to support the calculator - don't know if it is right - maybe you can look into it.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Excellent questions Zal!  Yes, there are many dimensions to consider when discussion OnDemand solutions.  Let me summarize a few comments on your questions.

      First, OnDemand is not a zero sum game for companies.  Moving an application to the cloud has many potential benefits so whichever reason is the driver, the company must obtain incremental value (ROI, Agility, Visibility, Share among others).  Any one of these are valid by themselves. 

      Second, OnDemand is a huge win for the IT Team. This may seem counter intuitive so let me clarify. Successful IT organizations are moving fast to be in front of the needs of their organization.  Good examples are Mobility, CRM, Sustainability.  Time spent managing applications gets repurposed to managing emerging needs deeper within Line of Business constituent needs.

      Third, Companies of all sizes and across all industries can leverage the tremendous innovation in solutions available in the Cloud. Speed and time to Value usually drive the end game.

      I promise to continue to expand on these topics in subsequent blogs.  This is a deep topic with no silver bullet so our discussions are important.  My thanks for your posts! Andy 

      Author's profile photo Zal Parchem
      Zal Parchem
      Thanks for the info, Andy.  Your second point is a pretty darn good explanation for part of how IT roles will be changing.  Seems to be understandable that IT would be rather hesitant with possible changes in their roles (everyone has some doubts about job change), but points like you brought out would help immensely in that area.  Looking forward to hearing more of your ideas.  Regards - Zal.