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And the Winners for SCN Choice Video Awards are…

SAP TechEd goes Glam with SCN Choice Awards!


This year, SAP TechEd is a proud sponsor of the first ever SCN Choice Video Awards!  Many gathered to watch the unveiling of such a prestigious honor including online viewers through the live stream.   Also, onsite  so many gathered that the audience  spilled over into the hallway (Sorry foot traffic!)

Curtains Open

The event began with an unprecedented dance to “Singing in the Rain”  by co-hosts Mark Finnern and Sylvia Santelli. 

We had to recognize the work of Jim Spath and the SCNotty Awards.  Since some of the winners were unable to attend the awards ceremony in Berlin, they were able to be honored in Las Vegas. 

Be sure to read Jim’s blog to see all of this year’s winners from the SCNotty  Awards but I can tell you that they did give some great acceptance speeches.

Sue Keohan gave a tear jerking accepatance speech for SCNotty Award!


And the Winners for this 2010 SCN Video Choice Awards are….


Sustainability….GREG MYERS!


Community Value ….Michelle Crapo


Thank you to all who made this possible.

Thank you to all who took the time to show the community a different side of yourself! Let’s honor them all with an applause and a viewing of their video submissions.

Thank you to Jim Spath and his relentless and passionate drive to make the community the great place that it is with the SCNotty Awards.

Thank you to Mark Finnern for offering his dancing and MC talents. (Don’t be afraid to ask him for a dance when you see him next! )

Thank you to Aslan Noghrekar for all of his IT support.

And thank YOU for reading all about it. 


It was a packed house!

The audience broke out in celebritory dance!
Mark Finnern dancing the night away with the lovely SAP Mentor Gretchen Lindquist.
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  • I would like to see Thorsten Franz win the lifetime achievement award -- no nominations happen with that award, it is just automatically given.

    Thanks for all the work you, Mark and Jim Spath did.


      • > Yes, we also told Mark that we need a "Mentor Hall of Fame" :0)

        Just making sure, that SCN Choice Awards as well as the SCNotties are independent of the SAP Mentors, it is just that the mentors are so super active, that they are all over the place.

        Whether you are an SAP mentor or not doesn't have any implications. I submitted two to the SCNotties and came back empty handed.

        I didn't participated in the choice awards, that is why I was able to moderate, Mark.

  • Sylvia,
    I can't believe you caught the dip! Such fun! Thanks to you, Mark, and Jim, this year's SCNotties were definitely a highlight! I hope that many more SCN members are inspired to participate next year.


  • Hi Sylvia,

    just wanted to say that you did a fabulous job of running the SCN Video Choice Award. The ceremony was a blast - my favorite networking session for sure!

    See you next year! 🙂

    • Thank you Matthias! It was only a great event because it was able to reflect the dynamics and relationships of the community--which are great. =)
  • I was so glad I got to watch via SAP Connect, even though I could not see everything and thought JonERP won an award and confused him, as he was not there :-). You guys looked great and the dancing was a super addition, typical great idea by Mark F. Awesome work!
    • > You guys looked great and the dancing was a super addition, typical great idea by Mark F

      Actually the dance idea was Sylvia's. This time I just executed and stopped her from talking about the SCN community benefits, as we were living them 😉

      Was a lot of fun especially considering how many technical problems we had and almost no time to rehears.

      Thanks Sylvia for pushing me into uncomfortable territory, Mark.

      • Mhm, that is not what Sylvia told me. We love your crazy ideas, Mark. And I hear you are a really good dancer. Hope I get the chance next TechEd; wait, you might be shooting people into the sky in a capsule or something, next year :-).
        • The dance idea really started w Marilyn Pratt, but she knew that Mark wouldn't be able to turn down the chance to dance. Little did any of us know that Mark is a GREAT dancer, and owns a tie!

          Honored to have worked w you Mark!

  • Great blog Sylvia! Wish I was there -:) Feel kinda sad, because I didn't won any award, but happy because I see you all have a lot fun -:D

    And gotta say...after seeing Mark F. wearing a tie and dancing...I have seen it all -;)


  • This was a fun moment!   My "Oscar" is in my living room over the TV.   When I get a chance to catch up - IE sometime this coming weekend - I hope to write a blog on it.  Complete with a picture. 

    Just goes to show, you can do something like this with VERY little.  I used my trusty camera.  I didn't have a camcorder.

    New topics - next year:
    -Spread the word: "Promoting SCN" video
    -Personal contributions: What are some of the things you do to contribute to SCN?   When do you find the time?
    -How to convince your boss to let you post on SCN?

    Thank you for the challenge Sylvia,