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BW 7.30: Mass Maintenance for Analysis Authorizations

In Release 7.30 a new feature for analysis authorization has been introduced. Mass maintenance will improve the daily work of every authorization administrator. Transaction RSECSY is just one of a number of clever innovations.

Analysis authorizations are special authorizations in BW. With these authorizations it is possible to develop a very complex and individual concept to grant and deny access to the data in your InfoProviders. It is possible to save the structure of a hierarchy of your products and to save the name or personnel number of your employees. Transaction RSECADMIN is the entry point for all main use cases. Mass Maintenance will also be available there.

In Mass Maintenance can search for all analysis authorizations in various ways, for example by a simple name pattern or by a complex search via special entries in authorizations. Another use case would be to clean up the authorization, adjusting all authorizations that contain InfoObjects that are not authorizations relevant. The complex search delivers this kind of search feature too.

When you find the authorizations you want to work with, you get an overview of all flat and hierarchy parts of these authorizations. You also see the users that are assigned to them. Of course you can change every single entry and assign the changes to all authorizations in you work area or just create new authorization entries. All functions contained in single maintenance are available here too. You can also switch to Single Maintenance (RSECAUTH) by double-clicking on the authorization name or to the InfoObjects view (RSD1) by double-clicking on the InfoObject name.

Once you have finished, you can activate all authorizations and test them immediately. Authorizations can also be transported here.Changing authorizations is not the only feature however. You can also search for users and maintain the assignment of authorizations. If you create a special authorization needed by 50 users for example, you just need to enter the authorization once, after which every single user can use it. You also have the option of using a complex search to find the users you want. You can search for users with special names as well as for users which special authorizations. You will also see how the authorization is assigned to the user, either manually, using a role or generated.

The main advantage of this feature is that it allows you to change several objects at once. This will save a lot of time and helps to keep the authorizations consistent. It also provides a complex search that allows you to find all authorizations that have a number of similar properties.


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