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Top 10 TechED Takeaways

There is so much more to say than just 10 – but here’s a list:

10. Speaker Support was outstanding from the events team to the SAP TechED Team (kudos Christina Miller and Chip Rodgers)

9. Awesome hotel – only a $7 shuttle ride from the airport; it doesn’t get better than that! Location – I finally got to see the Mirage volcano in person, even though I have stayed at that hotel before

8. Innovation Weekend
I enjoyed the sessions I attended and was fortunate to sit next to the great Thorsten Franz. 

John Appleby – so sorry I had to abandon Business Case 8 for the ASUG Pre-Conference the next day.

Kudos to Craig Cmehil, Marilyn Pratt, and the Innovation Team weekend team and participants.


7. Demo Jam

I enjoyed sitting next to the great Vijay Vijayasankar.

6. ASUG Volunteer lunch – I had a great conversation with Bridgette Chambers, ASUG CEO; it was great also spending time with fellow volunteers such as Derek Loranca.


5. Getting out of my comfort zone and being featured in the keynote and the SCN Community Panel

(Thank you again Gail Moody-Byrd and Mark Yolton)

I especially liked the message of community that Derek Loranca, fellow ASUG volunteer said – even though he is a “classic BOBJ” customer, we all have the same questions – how to implement, what to do.

4. Hearing lessons learned from other companies.  Thanks goes to the many ASUG speakers at TechED.  I also learned from Stephen Johannes what the SCN Moderators do – it is a tremendous amount of work.

3. Seeing the rock stars in person: Ingo Hilgefort, Tony de Thomasis, Graham Robinson, Thorsten Franz, Carsten Ziegler, Matthias Steiner – the list goes on.  

2. Hands on sessions were awesome
Without a doubt, this is such great part of TechED – the experts leading the hands on sessions are really masters and know how to work the room.  Special thanks to Ingo Hilgefort and Tamotsu Nagata for letting me assist in excellent the hands-on sessions.


1. Connecting and meeting those online:

Thorsten Franz, Michelle Crapo, Dennis Howlett, Martin English, Jason Cao, Kirby Leong, Paul Hawking…the list goes on.  I also want to acknowledge the many SAP Mentors who had my back this week!  Thank you Mark Finnern, Aslan Noghre-Kar, Sue Keohan, Chris Solomon, Thorsten Franz, Ingo Hilgefort, Ginger Gatling, Greg Myers, Karin Tillotson, Gretchen Lindquist, Jamie Oswald – and all the SAP Mentors.  I am so proud to be associated with such a great group and I am honored to wear the shirt and be associated with such a great team of people:


Photo courtesy of Aslan Noghre-Kar and Jim Spath

Thank you Mark and Thorsten for the dances.  Dancing on the floor at Teched – who’d ever thought that would happen? Special thanks to Jim Spath, Mark Finnern, Aslan Noghre-Kar and Sylvia Santelli for the SCNottie Awards Ceremony.

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