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PI/XI: PI 7.3 New Java based IDOC adapter’s configuration (sender, receiver) – teaser

As some of you might already know as of  PI 7.3 we will have two new java based adapters – HTTP and IDOC. IDOC adapter is probably still the most commonly used adapter for PI and that’s why I’m going to concentrate on this one in this blog. As the new IDOC adapter (the old one is still available if you use the double stack option for PI 7.3) is based on the Java stack the configuration is a little bit different as compared to the old IDOC adapter. Basically there are two modes for configuring the connection for the IDOC adapter: default (recommended) and manual. In this article I will concentrate only on the “default” configuration. Both sender and receiver IDOC adapters in the “default” mode use decoupled configuration so something similar as we had in the old ABAP IDOC adapter where the RFC destinations were not configured within the communication channels itself but on the ABAP backends. As we’re talking about Java based adapters (and AEX – single java stack installation option) there is ABAP backed where those destinations can be configured and that’s why we can only configure then in NWA (Netweaver Administrator). Below you will find a step by step guides for configuring of both – sender and receiver IDOC AEX adapters.

Sender IDOC AEX adapter

Step 1

Once you create the sender communication channel in the Integration Directory the only thing you need to select is the “Default (Recommended)” mode in the RFC server parameters. As in this guide we only concentrate on the connectivity options I will leave for later describing the other functions of the IDOC adapter (like acknowledgments handling, etc.).


Step 2

Next you need to configure a resource adapter to which all SAP applications system (like ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.) will be connected. You need to do this part in Netweaver Administrator. Once you open NWA you need to go to:

  • Configuration
    • Infrastructure
      • Application Resources and then filter for inboundRA resource adapter


In the properties of this resource adapter you can see the program ID – which will be later used for configuring the RFC destinations from SAP application systems (like ERP)


The only setting you need to maintain to set the property Local to true – that means that the program will be registered on PI’s gateway


Step 3

On your SAP application system which will be sending the IDOCs you need to create an RFC destination of type T (TCP/IP) and then:

  • select – Register Server Program – in the program ID put the program ID from inboundRA – use the gateway host and gateway service of your PI  server


After you configure that you should be able to check the configuration using the test connection button on the RFC destination.

Receiver IDOC AEX adapter

Step 1

Before you can create a receiver IDOC communication channel you need to create a destination to your receiver system. Again you can only do that in Netweaver Administrator so once you open is you need to go to:

  • Configuration
    • Infrastructure
      • Destinations and click on Create button and enter destination name as XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_<SID> where SID is your receiver’s system ID and select type RFC.


Step 2

Then you need to fill in connection details like host, system number, etc. of your receiver system and also logon data.


Step 3

After the destination is create you can click on the “ping” button to check if it’s working.


Step 4 *

If the destination is working you can create a receiver IDOC communication channel and in the destination field put the destination name


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      • Hi Michal,

        You are well educating SAP PI Consultants with new PI 7.3 updates, many thanks for that.

        Just wondering do we have have any alternative for IDOC Tunneling if we choose PI 7.3 as Java version.

        Praveen K

          • Thanks Michal,
            One more question, on IDOC Packaging using IDXPW.
            Can we still utilize this packaging feature in PI 7.3 on Java Stack other than checking Multiple IDOC in single XI Message in Sender IDOC Adapter. Please check, Thanks

            Praveen K

  • Hi Michael,
    In PI 7.1, Netweaver Admin was not supported fully. Like when we log in to NWA, we get an error
         No data available to the System Selector
    Is this resolved in PI 7.3?
    • Hi,

      >>>Netweaver Admin was not supported fully. Like when we log in to NWA, we get an error
      No data available to the System Selector
      Is this resolved in PI 7.3?

      NWA was always supported
      NWAPI (from where you get the error) was not
      but these are two different things - of coruse the error you mention just requires configuration and it would show up correctly but NWAPI was not supported anyway

      to sum up:

      so as for NWA this still works
      as of PI 7.0

      Michal Krawczyk

  • Hi Michal,

    I am leading PI 7.3 rampup project and facing some issues related to Idoc-AAE configuration.
    I followed sap help and configures inboundRA resource adapter.
    Some remark:
    1. We created another RFC destination: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION because without it RFC destination test was not working. This destination is pointing to PI 7.3 itself.
    2. I didn't change local=true but changed other parameter as per recommendation from SAP help.

    Question for you:
    1. For receiver Idoc scenario I am constantly facing error "The Configuration for Sender/Receiver Partner Number/Port is incorrect. Enter proper values in Sender/Receiver Component". Although I created Logical System for PI7.3 and assigned correct Idoc type etc.
    2. I also tried all combination in communication channel and receiver system

    It seems to me that SAP help is not very helpful in this case 🙁
    Any ideas?


  • This looks like the information I have been searching for on configuring the resource adapters but alas, it is unreadable with the broken links for the old SDN. Any chance you'll have some spare time Michael?

  • Does this also works for Single Stack Java? Is there a gateway available at the Single Stack? What if i would like to use more than one RFC-Destination for Metadata instead of just XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I was doing the Sender configuration part and I was facing a problem at SM59 part, as the test connection was complaining about the program id as if it wasn't registered at the gw.

    Changing the MaxReaderThreadCount from '0' to '5' solved the issue.

    Thanks for your valuable blog!

  • Hi,

    This blog explains Java based IDOC configuration using "default" mode. On the similar lines, can anybody explain the "manual" and "from NWA" modes of configuration?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Michael

    For me when i connect one system it works fine.

    How to configure multiple system. Since XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION has to point to one backend.

  • Hi Micheal,

    we have PI7.31 dual stack....but not able to track Idoc in RWB....whenever I am searchng IDoc in RWB black fields i am getting...

    can u pls tell me how to monitor IDocs here....y i am getting blank fields in RWB...

  • Thanks Michel for the great blog!

    Just one additional comment: To find the correct values for the SM59 connection for Gateway Host and Gateway Service open PI SLD. Here the correct PI Gateway values can be found at:

    Administration -> Settings -> Tab "Parameters" -> from the Dropdown select "All"

    The values required for the SM59 RFC connection can be found in the fields "GatewayHost" and "GatewayService".

  • hi Michal,

    I am facing issue while pushing IDoc from ECC. IDoc are getting stuck in ECC tRFC with Error "No RFC authorization for function module IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE.".

    All the configurations are created like explained above.

    PI7.31 SP05

  • Question about IDoc configuration via Eclipse in 7.31. I have pre-configured my destination in NWA. I successfully ping it.

    However, when I create a message mapping for an IDoc receiver, it keeps saying mapping is incomplete.

    I have increased trace levels to figure this out but I cannot activate the mapping.

    The reason I think this is an IDoc issue is that my message mapping from the file receiver works perfectly. Only when I configure an IDoc receiver that it fails.

    If you were so inclined, could you show screenshots/notes using Eclipse to configure the IDoc receiver and mapping.

    Thank you so much for providing this info. There is a fair bit of PI documentation out there but so little is for the current version.

  • Hi Mike

    Using Pi 7.4 Single stack, IDOCs are successfully sent to to ECC, but error is showing in PI. I have checked all configurations are correct. This is quite strange that interface is working fine, but error is showing in PI as "IDOCAdapterexception: Transaction error while sending idoc, Invalid year value". But in destination ECC, IDOC was in status 53 and showing "IDOC sent without any errors". Can you please suggest.


  • How to monitor gateway in Java stack only system like Pi 7.3 or 7.4, in ABAP stack smgw tcode will give us monitoring function where i can see how many program register in gateway where i can see same information in java only system.



  • Hi Michal


    There is a word missing in this sentence, added it between <>:

    "[...] there is <no> ABAP backed where those destinations can be configured and that’s why we can only configure then in NWA (Netweaver Administrator). "



  • I have only Java stack PI, I am receving idoc from ECC to PI but still the idoc channel status shows error like Adapter <RFC Dest.Name> not present.

    All messages are flowing correct but channel status not turning to green. Why ?