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Negative stock analysis ( Material Management – Inventory [MM-IM])

Negative stock analysis ( Material Management – Inventory [MM-IM]) 

If we find  negative stock in stock overview or in material master , please do the analysis as follows

  1)  material master  MM03 -> Plant data/Stor2 TAB  ->  Negative stocks allowed in plant

  2) Customizing SPRO -> Materials Management -> Inventory    Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods    Issue / Transfer Postings  -> Allow Negative Stocks          

If both the settings are disabled then please implement note 32236 and do the consistency check of the particular material with reports


* MBFIRST -> 32236 Version: 00021     

* MBSTOCK -> No error !               

* MBQUANT -> no error !               

* MBVALUE -> no error !               


If all these reports shows no error  then there is no real inconsistency  . We can go ahead as per as the SAP note 935755.  This note also offers the method to bring back the stock into   the positive stock:       


– Change temporarily in Customizing (OMCQ), the system messages M7 309   and M7 310 to “no message”. Re-post the stock and change the     customizing of the messages back to the way it was before.                    


  During the analysis with   32236 reports if we come across any error ,please contact SAP support team by opening a message under MM-IM-GF-INC .

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