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In the past many companies used SAP PI not only for “real” integration scenarios that would require sender and receiver applications, mappings and complex routings but also for simple file transfers across folders or locations. Such simple transfers could be handled without SAP PI using different sorts of scripts but why use scripts if you have a nice middleware tool – SAP PI. Unfortunately SAP PI was not very strong with handling such files especially if they were very large. SAP PI would process the whole file at once and this caused many implications:

– the file could not be larger then the memory size
– handling of such big files caused other integration flows to run much slower

As of PI 7.3 SAP has prepared a remedy for this. It’s now possible push via SAP PI all of your big files if you use special options available in the file adapter and they won’t cause any negative side effects as they will be processed in small chunks. How does the configuration look like then?

Step 1

At first you need to make sure you’re transfer will be EOIO (as only like that the chunks will not get mixed up).


Step 2

Make sure you’ve set the transfer up as Binary

Step 3

On the advanced tab select “advanced mode” and file splitting active and then choose the maximum size of a file part (in Mbs)


Once you configure that your huge files will be processed in smaller chunks which will not impact your other flows and the file size can now be almost unlimited 🙂


 – when you use this method you cannot use message mapping nor content based routing 

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  1. Former Member
    What happens when the FT fails in the middle, the partial file still gets transferred onto the receiver side ? Or an intelligent rollback happens ?


            1. Former Member
              I think considering SFTP could have been included even in XI 2.0/3.0 that SAP have a philosophical dislike of the protocol so you should probably stop asking. I agree this is frustrating considering every client site i’ve worked at has used SFTP over FTPs because the latter is more troublesome with ports. It probably also renders a number of partner products redundant if SFTP is natively supported.
  2. Former Member

    It is a nice feature, but have 1 small query,
    as how many messages do we get in PI, example, if I split 50Mb file in 5 parts with 10Mb file size each?


  3. Former Member

    Please help me,

    I’ve splitted large file at sender side, now i want to group it altogether in sequence at receiver.

    one option is using unix shell scripting,

    is there any other option available to do this?

  4. Former Member


    File is splitting whenever it reaches its predefined chunk size and giving issues at end system. If we want to get the file to be chunked at the end of line always, what could be the additional configuration we need to add?




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