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PI/XI: PI 7.3 content based routing and multimappings for ICO – teaser

When Integrated configuration (ICO) was first introduced in PI 7.1 we knew that now the flow that don’t go via the ABAP stack will be much, much faster then those that need to cross both stacks. The only issue was that ICO was not able to process a few scenarios:

– those that use non java adapters (IDOC, HTTP)

– those that need routing conditions

– those that need to use multimapping splits

As of SAP Process Integration 7.3 many of those got changed:

– we now have IDOC and HTTP adapters on the java stack

– we can use routing conditions (these are actually available as of PI 7.11 – with EhP1)

– we can use multimapping splits

Let me show you quickly how it looks like.

Routing based configuration.
More or less exactly the same functionality as we had in the Receiver Determination.


Multimapping splits.
We can now specify not only a few interfaces but they can also send be used in 1:N mappings


So now we can finally use ICO object for most of our scenarios (except the ones using the WS-RM adapter which is not yet on the java stack).

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    • Hi Saravana 🙂

      hope to put some more of that soon 🙂
      it's not going to be in the GA for a few more months so I hope people will at least like seeing such small intros to the new functions

      Michal Krawczyk