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Changes in Customizing of PIRs don´t update tables PBIM-PBER.



Hi colleagues,

This blog deals with this topic that generates confusion and an unexpected behavior

in the consumption and reduction of PIRs.

If you change the requirement class of a requirement type it is            

necessary to reorganize (delete) all effected PIRs from the data base.     


The system copies the requirement characteristics from the customizing     

to the data base tables for PIR (e.g. PBID, PBIM). These requirements      

characteristics in the PIR tables are not adjusted automatically by        

changes in the underlying customizing.

Please note that the header   entries for PIR (PBID, PBIM) still persist on the data

base if all PIR items (single PBED entries) have been deleted.         

To consider the current customizing settings it would be necessary         

to reorganize appropriate PIR header first. This can be done by            

using the transactions MD74, MD75, MD76 (usually it is necessary to        

run all transactions for appropriate requirements).                 

Please send me your comments about this topic.

best regards

Maira Núñez

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